Watch again: Lincolnshire EU referendum debate

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The Lincolnite and BBC Radio Lincolnshire have brought you the #LincsEUdebate, a special programme ahead of the EU Referendum on June 23.

With the latest polls almost neck and neck, the campaigns from each camp are reaching climax. The key arguments were debated by six panellists and an equally divided audience.

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13th June 2016 6:30pm

Welcome to the Lincolnshire EU Debate liveblog. On The Lincolnite team this evening is Stefan Pidluznyj, Steve Smailes, Sarah Barker and Emily Norton.

13th June 2016 6:37pm

The debate has been organised in partnership with BBC Radio Lincolnshire and will be simulcast online and DAB radio.

13th June 2016 6:38pm

On the panel tonight in the remain camp:

  • Finbarr Dowling from Siemens UK – He is Project Director for the new wind turbine manufacturing facilities at Green Port Hull
  • David Prescott – A former Labour MP candidate for Gainsborough and the son of former deputy PM John Prescott, he is a communications consultant and digital strategist
  • Sue Liburd MBE – A businesswoman, executive personal strategist, author and human capital consultant

In the leave camp:

  • Karl McCartney – The Lincoln MP, first elected in 2010 and re-elected in 2015, is a strong Brexit campaigner
  • Victoria Ayling – UKIP Lincolnshire County Councillor and former candidate for Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner
  • Peter Davis – Lincolnshire businessman based in Louth

13th June 2016 6:40pm

Some interested to see what the age range will be tonight.

13th June 2016 6:51pm

The debate will be chaired this evening by BBC presenter Rod Whiting and is scheduled to last 90 minutes.

13th June 2016 6:53pm

Panelists are ready for the Lincs EU Debate, commencing in less than 10 minutes

13th June 2016 6:56pm

All ready to go.

13th June 2016 6:59pm

The Lincolnsire EU debate is now live.

13th June 2016 7:03pm


13th June 2016 7:05pm

First question from Martyn Green, Lincoln. How will leaving the EU make my life better?

13th June 2016 7:05pm

Karl McCartney: 56% of our laws imposed on us by EU – this will end if we vote to leave on June 23.

David Prescott: Things like the venue we’re in tonight were part funded by the EU – secures 35,000 jobs in Lincolnshire alone.

Peter Davis: None of my partners in Europe would stop trading with the UK if we decide to vote to leave. Holland will follow if we leave.

13th June 2016 7:07pm

Sue Liburd: EU allows us to train and develop our workforce which is a priority. Some angry reactions to her response. Audience member who is a small business owner slams “bureaucracy of the EU”

13th June 2016 7:08pm

“Small businesses in the country are affected by the bureaucracy from the EU”, says an audience member who is a businessman. He’s met with a round of applause in the audience. 

13th June 2016 7:09pm

Finbarr Dowling: Siemens as an organisation will vote to remain in EU – staying in Single Market critical.

13th June 2016 7:10pm

What will happen to Siemens UK? Finbarr Dowling: “That’s the point in taking a risk. It’s the uncertainty.”

13th June 2016 7:11pm

Already quite a heated start to the debate. Audience member and Victoria Ayling now clashing, with the UKIP panelist gaining a mixed response.

13th June 2016 7:12pm

“Siemens get EU money to sell us renewable energy and our bills go through the roof.” Victoria steers up aggression from from some members of the audience. 

13th June 2016 7:13pm

Jeers by some of the audience in response to Victoria’s forthright comments. However, some cheers as well.

13th June 2016 7:13pm

A lot of opinions at the EU Debate already.

13th June 2016 7:14pm

Passionate audience member blames Thatcher government and Conservatives for Steel crisis, not EU. 

McCartney: audience member “not talking sense”

13th June 2016 7:17pm

“Maybe you should have an open mind, not an open mouth.” Karl McCartney not holding back in his description of a member of the audience.

13th June 2016 7:17pm

A heated debate already. Check out some of the pictures so far. 

13th June 2016 7:18pm

“We did not tell our employers how to vote”, Finbarr insists. McCartney claims they sent an email out.

13th June 2016 7:21pm

Prescott claims it is “remarkable” that a Conservative MP who is “slagging off” Lincoln’s biggest employer.

13th June 2016 7:22pm

You will see more job opportunities if we vote to leave, claims McCartney.

13th June 2016 7:22pm

A second question from David Shaw, Gainsborough. Can Lincolnshire’s infrastructure cope with the projected increase in the population if we vote to stay in the EU – i.e. schools, health service, policing, housing etc

13th June 2016 7:24pm

Jeers from the audience before next question about migration is finished. 

13th June 2016 7:25pm

David Prescott: Net contribution to British economy of migrants is £20bn. My kids aren’t going to be treated as second class citizens just because my wife is Irish and from the EU.

13th June 2016 7:27pm

Peter Davis: Worked with Germans – their house had been “raided” by immigrants. Same situation in Spanish towns – taken over by immigrants.

13th June 2016 7:27pm

People are beginning to decide which side they will choose

13th June 2016 7:28pm

Inflammatory language regarding immigration, says Sue. Claims it is deeply disturbing.

13th June 2016 7:29pm

Peter Davis’ warns “If we’re not careful we”ll allow a flood to come in and ruin our children’s chances for the future.” Language describes as “inflamatory and disturbing by Sue Liburd

13th June 2016 7:30pm

Victoria Ayling: People displaced from work in my patch because migrants undercut the locals.

13th June 2016 7:30pm

Audience members are questioning panelist’s comments.

13th June 2016 7:32pm

Audience member asks: “How would the NHS cope if we didn’t have people coming over from the EU?” 

13th June 2016 7:35pm

“A lot of Polish gave their lives for us in World War Two”. 

13th June 2016 7:36pm

“We don’t need to hear any more from Project Fear”, Karl McCartney responds.

13th June 2016 7:36pm

“We should be able to choose who comes into our country” say Karl.

13th June 2016 7:37pm

Lithuanian woman in the audience: “We’re not here to steal your jobs”.

13th June 2016 7:38pm

Immigrants multiply when they come over here and have families, claim Leave audience member.

13th June 2016 7:40pm

13th June 2016 7:41pm

David Prescott getting heckled by some of the Leave members of the public. He says the government needs to sort out schools and the NHS. “We call Brits who retire abroad Expats but people coming here migrants.”

13th June 2016 7:42pm

Prescott and Peter Davis now holding their own personal mini-debate.

13th June 2016 7:43pm

While Victoria sarcastically calls him, “the Red Prince”.

13th June 2016 7:44pm

Question three: Richard Hall, Lincoln. What are the real British values revealed by this campaign – tolerance, open mindedness and a sense of fair play or selfishness, xenophobia, hypocrisy and double standards?

13th June 2016 7:44pm

Both sides are not showing the UK at its best in the debate, suggests Sue.

13th June 2016 7:46pm

The Remain campaign has been trying to use Project Fear to make the voting (and non-voting population) vote, claims McCartney.

13th June 2016 7:48pm


13th June 2016 7:49pm

EU referendum so far dominated by “psychodrama” within the Conservative Party, claims Prescott.

13th June 2016 7:50pm

Audience members appreciate information given by David Prescott

13th June 2016 7:51pm

“Vote Leave has run a very positive campaign”, McCartney says. Also claims that Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Chancellor will vote to leave.

13th June 2016 7:52pm

13th June 2016 7:53pm

Karl McCartney defends clash with the Prime Minister last week. It won’t affect his influence as an MP, he says. 

13th June 2016 7:54pm

People want questions answered.

13th June 2016 7:55pm

Is leaving the EU a risk worth taking, asks Finbarr. 

13th June 2016 7:59pm

“We are a proud, sovereign nation”, McCartney asserts. NATO not the EU has kept peace in Europe since 1945.

13th June 2016 8:00pm

A new question: Julie Davies, Waddington. Every economic organisation has said that brexit is going to be bad for the economy. I haven’t yet heard any evidence to suggest that a positive result for brexit will stop the economy going into recession again. What evidence does brexit have to support a positive outcome for the economy should they win?

13th June 2016 8:00pm

Victoria Ayling: “EU is a declining market. Out there is the rest of the world.”

13th June 2016 8:03pm

Finbarr Dowling: “Doing a trade deal with Canada in five minutes is ridiculous.” Hits back at Victoria’s previous claim.

13th June 2016 8:04pm

“If we leave the European Market It’s a risk”, says Finbarr. But Karl says nothing will happen if we vote out on June 23. 

13th June 2016 8:05pm

Voice your opinions on Twitter with the hashtag: LincsEUdebate

13th June 2016 8:06pm

“Britain has stood on its own before and it can again”, a statement from Karl awarded with cheers from the audience. But David Prescott says: “It’s not the 1940s anymore.”

13th June 2016 8:06pm

David Prescott: “We live in a globalised world. This is not 1945…not 2016.” Days are gone of Little England standing on its own and warm beer.

13th June 2016 8:08pm

David Prescott pulled up by one audience member: “I think you’re very false.”

13th June 2016 8:09pm

“Our money” shout the vociferous Leave audience members over discussions about how much money we give to the EU.

13th June 2016 8:10pm

Audience members are not impressed with David Prescott’s comment.

13th June 2016 8:12pm

A question put to Victoria and Sue.”What does the decision mean for women?”

13th June 2016 8:14pm

13th June 2016 8:14pm

Victoria begins with one word “Corruption”, the EU is a “bottomless pit”. 

13th June 2016 8:15pm

Sue: “We do live in a truly interconnected world and live in a global village. Next generation has grown up online and is sourcing money from around the world. This is about the future not short-termism.”

13th June 2016 8:16pm

To be a part of the European union is a “vote for the future and the next generation”, says Sue. 

13th June 2016 8:16pm

Next question: Michael Jarmuz, Scampton. How does the panel believe British agriculture would be affected in the case of a leave vote?

13th June 2016 8:17pm

Farming subsidies won’t go through the “bureaucratic nightmare of the EU” says Karl, EU has made sure vested interests have done well – these haven’t been British farmers though.

13th June 2016 8:19pm

David Prescott: £8.7m for Greater Lincolnshire for farming investment. If you agree with the National Farmers’ Union then vote remain.

13th June 2016 8:19pm


13th June 2016 8:20pm

Rebates that farmers get now may not continue if we leave, claims Peter. Put British farming first.

13th June 2016 8:22pm

Victoria: NHS at risk from TTIP agreed with EU – American companies can take chunks out of it. Presenter says TTIP excludes health organisations.

13th June 2016 8:24pm

13th June 2016 8:25pm

“We have to make products that we can sell into Europe”, argues Finbarr. There has to be regulation.

13th June 2016 8:26pm

Debate steered towards regulation and its impact on business. 

13th June 2016 8:26pm

Karl McCartney claims that the EU is going to force us to give the vote to prisoners.

13th June 2016 8:27pm

Audience members worried that some voters are taking a gamble on the future of our country.

13th June 2016 8:28pm

More audience reactions now from both camps, as well as undecideds.

13th June 2016 8:29pm

“I can never see the European army happening”, says Finbarr. Generates an angry response from one half of the audience.

13th June 2016 8:32pm

A few of the undecideds have made up their minds, split almost equally between Remain and Leave.

13th June 2016 8:32pm

A few undecideds now revealing the discussions have swayed their decision.

13th June 2016 8:33pm

Thank you to all who took part in the Lincolnshire EU Debate. That’s a wrap for the liveblog. Catchup on The Linconite soon.