Worst parking attempts in Lincoln so far in 2017

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The Lincolnite team has scoured Facebook for Lincoln’s worst parking attempts for far this year, and you certainly have not disappointed!

Taking a stand against the city’s worst parkers, many have contributed to Facebook pages: Parking like a t**t in Lincoln and Parking like a t**t in Lincolnshire .

Here are a few of the worst attempts so far in 2017:

A number of errors

Photo: Bob Stewart

So this car was seeing how many rules they could break by parking on the path, on double yellows, in a controlled school parking zone…

A bit wonky

Photo: Zak Nolan

Clearly in that much of a rush they forgot how to park.

In the wrong lane

Photo: Tim Chadderton

Did this car suddenly think it was a bike?

Long shot

Photo: Kimberley Brown

The car must think it’s longer than it actually is…

Taking up space

Birchwood. Photo: Tom Paton

The car park may be empty but still… why park like this?

Too close for comfort

Photo: Elaine Jackson

Taking bumper to bumper to a whole new level…

In the way

Lichfield Road, Bracebridge Heath. Photo: Kev Boden

So how are pedestrians supposed to stay on the path?

Room for two

Photo: Rick Lister

It’s highly unlikely this KA really needed to take up two spaces….

Desperate for a bargain

Lincoln B&Q car park. Photo: Stuart Jessop

This van driver heard there was a two for one sale on items at B&Q…

Have you seen some terrible parking in Lincoln and surrounding areas? Send them in to us by emailing [email protected]

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