The Voice of Lincoln: Residents on who they’ll vote for in the general election

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As tomorrow’s snap election looms, people across Lincoln are still deciding on which candidate and party they should give their valuable vote to.

The Lincolnite visited Lincoln High Street to see who people will be voting for when the polls open at 7am tomorrow morning.

Anthony Collard, 70, said: “I will be voting Labour and Karen [Lee], I think Karen will be a strong candidate to support Labour ideas.

“Society has been moving in the wrong direction for a very long time from the National Health Service and the taxation system and I hope that Jeremy Corbyn will be able to introduce a more equitable society.”

Collard has voted the Green party in the past and would have liked to this election though believes that in Lincoln “you really have to think tactically.”

Eric Deas, 66 will be voting for the Karl McCartney and the Conservatives tomorrow as he thinks that the party will be able to get “its finances under control and primarily it’s a Brexit vote.”

“I think most of the media coverage for the Conservatives has been Theresa May because that’s how she has decided to run the campaign.”

Like many people in Lincoln, Tony Hughes, 68 is still undecided on who he will vote for tomorrow, stating: “I don’t like May and I’m not too keen on Corbyn. I did vote UKIP in the last election but I don’t like the guy in charge [Paul Nuttall] now.”

Pauline Skuse, 77, said she’ll be voting for Ben Loryman of the Green party as the environment is her main priority.

“I don’t really trust the other two [the Conservative and Labour party]. They all promise the earth but they’re not going to do it are they? Where are they going to get the money from?”

21-year-old Liam Young said he will be campaigning for Karen Lee to take Karl McCartney’s seat in Lincoln and he says that: “I will be voting for Karen as she’s a local, a nurse, born and bred here in Lincoln, she’s been a councillor and I thought she did great at the debate the other night.

“Looking at the Labour party at the minute and I think that Jeremy Corbyn is putting forward a very hopeful and optimistic and he’s saying all of the right things.”

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