Can kindness and courtesy earn Lincoln a UK towns and cities top spot?

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Good manners cost nothing, and here in Lincoln top tourism and media partners are going the extra mile to reward and champion the city’s most courteous residents and businesses.

The Lincolnite, in conjunction with the Bailgate Independent, is backing Visit Lincoln’s campaign to take the city into the top ten of Britain’s Top 20 Cities, where it’s already in 12th place.

To drive the campaign and shout about what makes Lincoln great, the trio of organisations are launching Courtesy Call, a project that will reward local people for their thoughtful, selfless and kind actions.

We are also looking for businesses and organisations that go the extra mile for their customers and clients, and we need our readers to help by nominating courteous characters.

Anyone who would like to nominate a business, person or organisation for the Courtesy Call project can email [email protected] 

We will mention every nomination and each month select a worthy recipient to be featured on The Lincolnite.

The Courtesy Call campaign is backed by Visit Lincoln and the National Campaign for Courtesy.

Treasurer and Membership Secretary Liz Hall saidd: “Our annual Top Town award is given each autumn to a town or city that has demonstrated it supports local businesses, runs its council with efficiency and consideration for residents and visitors and whose retail outlets show outstanding customer service and good manners.”

Co-director at The Lincolnite Dean Graham said: “Lincoln is an ever growing city but I think it’s important that we don’t lose the friendly small city atmosphere that many have come to love.

“This campaign is all about identifying and then rewarding Lincoln’s stars who help make the city such a great place to live, work, visit and enjoy”

Chairman of the Bailgate Area Guild, Bunty’s Tearoom owner Matt Feltgate is also backing the campaign.
“With both my chairman’s and Bunty’s hats on, I’d say that excellent customer service is, now more than ever, of the utmost importance.

“With increasing changes in shopping habits and more of us shopping online, excellent customer service from businesses will strengthen customer loyalty and set those businesses apart from others especially those that still have a physical presence, such as bars, retail shops, restaurants, and attractions.

“Excellent customer service will be remembered and rewarded with repeat business and recommendations. We should all be ambassadors – promoting our businesses and our great city, to encourage customers to return again and again.”