Homes needed! New ‘beautiful but plant-hungry’ residents ruffling feathers in Lincoln village

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Villagers in Coleby near Lincoln are searching for a new home for two charming but somewhat intrusive new residents.

A pair of young peahens (female peafowl) perched themselves in the village over three weeks ago and have since been roaming gardens.

Sue Makinson-Sanders, the village clerk, is on the hunt for a new more permanent home for the birds, who have taken a fancy to many residents’ garden plants.

Image: Sue Makinson-Sanders

“The birds are very beautiful but they are in need of a good home,” said Sue.

“They need room to roam and we would like someone to offer them a good home.

“I have been in contact with the RSPB, RSPCA and Lincolnshire police but nothing has been done.”

Sue believes that the peahens were dumped in the village and they are believed to be quite young.

Anyone who knows a way to take the pair of chirpy guests off villagers’ hands is being asked to contact Sue on 01522 810509.