Lincoln police woman needs your help to secure funding for WWI diving project

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A Lincoln Custody Detention Officer is seeking public votes to secure National Lottery funding for a project which involves diving in search of World War One wrecks.

Lincoln Custodian, Sue Loveday, is one of a group of divers who spend their spare time locating wrecks of World War fishing vessels lying on the sea bed of the Humber and North Sea.

She is currently involved in the ‘Grimsby’s Lost Ships of WWI’ project and is investigating and recording the history of at least 30 of Grimsby’s trawler fleet and the circumstances of their loss in the North Sea.

The project trains volunteers how to scuba dive and to become basic marine archaeologists with underwater cameras.

Sue is now looking for public votes to win National Lottery funding for the project.

She said: “We have been voted for National Lottery funding to continue the project having won the National Heritage award for that category but are up against six other groups short-listed groups for funding.

“Shipwrecks of the River Humber tells the untold story of Grimsby’s heroic fishermen, who went out every day during the Great War not knowing if they would return and sadly, more than 1200 men and boys did not return.

“Our project is recording the histories of 30 ships and the circumstances of their loss. “

Kevin Smith from Shipwrecks of the River Humber added: “I hope all our supporters and the whole town will get behind our campaign for votes for National Lottery funding.

“To be named the UK’s Best Heritage project would be a wonderful tribute to those brave men who lost their lives one hundred years ago.”

Voting is live now and ends on July 27. To vote, click here and find ‘Grimsby’s Lost Ships of WW1’.