July 27, 2017 9.01 am This story is over 76 months old

Lincolnshire’s first transgender councillor hits out at Donald Trump’s trans military ban

Lincolnshire’s first transgender councillor has slammed Donald Trump’s ban on trans people serving in US military.

Lincolnshire’s first transgender councillor has slammed Donald Trump’s ban on trans people serving in US military, stating that LGBT people should not be treated as burdens on society.

Speaking in a personal capacity, Sleaford town councillor Stephanie Dale said it was important to remember that equality is vital in this day and age, especially for those living under the ‘transgender umbrella’.

She told Lincolnshire Reporter: “It’s vitally important that people who are living under the “transgender umbrella” are treated just as equally as any other member of society.

Stephanie took her step to becoming a woman in January 2016

“After all they’re human beings. Shouldn’t that be the main factor here?”

When speaking about Donald Trump directly, Councillor Dale described him as a “powerful, manipulating” man.

She said: “America’s military services have some of the finest serving patriotic citizens. Lots of them are either gay, lesbian or trans.

“To make suggestions to assume trans people are a burden, in my opinion is not right.

“There is nothing that a transgender person can’t do that any other person can do.

“That’s been proved by myself and many many people before me, and will continue to do so too.

“Let’s not forget, this isn’t some fad, or mental health issue of our time. It’s been from the beginning of time!

“Quash it, dismiss it, brush it under the carpet as a burden. The fact still remains it’s never ever going to go away, history has taught us that at least.

“No doubt there’ll be more Trumps that’ll come along in the future, with the same gaseous attitude. The answers though, my friends, are Blowing in the Wind!”