Is this necessary? Residents baffled by ‘obvious’ Lincoln street sign

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Drivers in Lincoln have been left bemused at the appearance of a new road sign which many have teasingly summed up as “stating the obvious” in North Hykeham.

The sign, which says: ‘No stopping on level crossing’, has been placed just before the train barriers on Station Road near Hykeham Station, sparking a debate about drivers’ awareness.

Ralph Bee, who posted the image on the Facebook group You’re Probably From Lincoln If…, said: “Are drivers so thick they need a sign like this?

“Thought I might stop in the middle for a picnic.

“Surely drivers know you never stop on a level crossing and always make sure it’s clear before starting to cross?”

Many agreed, however, some commented that the sign was necessary during ongoing roadworks, when traffic may be heavier than usual.

Nikola Fielding-Raby said: “I bet if they were in a rush and traffic had built up, someone wouldn’t even realise they were on a crossing.”

Jim Welch added: “It really is necessary.

“I saw someone trying to turn left off Newark Road into Moor Lane yesterday. From a red light….”

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire County Council’s Highways department, overseeing the works, said: “With roadworks taking place at the Newark Road crossroads, there is currently greater potential for queuing on Station Road.

“Although it’s not a common occurrence, it’s not unheard of for people to inadvertently end up stopping on a level crossing in this kind of situation.

“This sign is an extra precaution to prevent that happening, just reminding motorists to take extra care.”