One week to go: Behind the scenes at Lincoln Cathedral with producers of Jekyll & Hyde

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It’s a classic story: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tells the tale of a man and his evil alter ego and in just one week’s time the musical adaptation will transform the nave of historic Lincoln Cathedral.

Final preparations are ongoing behind the scenes as the project, which has brought together over 250 local people, approaches final rehearsals and staging.

The production lasts only 10 nights from the August 22 to September 1 and proceeds will go towards the upkeep of the building.

The Lincolnite visited the team behind the performance while they were busy constructing the impressive set.

Play director (and Jekyll himself) Ben Poole spoke to our reporter about the work that’s gone into the production and the use of Lincoln’s gothic cathedral as a backdrop.

He said: “It is almost the perfect place to tell this story and we have really emphasized this idea of sin, which is essentially what jekyll discovers in his alter ego Hyde.

“Anything you do in here is lent an incredible atmosphere by the majesty of the building. Any show would be enhanced by being in here.”

There were restraints to the use of the cathedral as a temporary stage, he added.

“Technically of course it’s not a theatre, it’s not set up as a theatre, which makes it really really hard to put anything on in here. You have to work your way around the logistics and respect for the fabric of the building.

“Because we don’t have any wing space as you would in a traditional theatre, our actors are now on stage the whole time, they are active throughout the show. For the audience they feel like they are immersed in the world rather than just watching end on. There are people constantly around them, which is pretty creepy in this show.”

He added that as the performance will raise money, much like a charity, the budget has been small, and the cast have banded together to transform the space.

“Our budget is crazy, so what we try and achieve, what we do achieve and what we have achieved is astonishing for the amount of money we have to spend.”

Ben was also grateful for the large amount volunteers who helped the production such as set designer Erin Fleming.

The ‘Theatre in the Nave’ project also saw a talented cast perform Jesus Christ Superstar last year.

Tickets are still available to buy on the Lincoln Cathedral website here.

Tickets are priced at £22, £25 and £28. For Friday 25 August 2017, there will be limited VIP tickets available at £50 per ticket.