Picture quiz: Can you name these 10 Lincoln locations?

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Resident of Lincoln are all very familiar with the iconic sites in the city, but what about the more obscure ones?

The Lincolnite has found 10 different locations across the city centre, but how many of them do you recognise?

1. How rude?

This sculpture is open to interpretation, but is nonetheless found somewhere in the city, but where?

2. This one is far from IMPossible

This iconic Lincoln Imp could be about to give your legs an ache

3. The lion, the unicorn and the coat of arms of James I 

Which iconic Lincoln building has these coat of arms on it?

4. If you go down to the woods today…

It’s not Sherwood Forest, this lovely greenery is really found in Lincoln’s city centre.

5. Busy boozer

Which of Lincoln’s famous pubs does this sign belong to?

6. An elephant never forgets 

You will have walked past it a number of times, but can you remember where this elephant is found?

7. Obscure?

Where can this well-known Lincoln sight be found?

8. Are you shore you know this one?

She sells sea shells by the sea shore.

9. Close up

Where can this be found..it’s very tough!

10. Stone faced

Where can this long-haired character be seen?

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