August 16, 2017 4.12 pm This story is over 77 months old

Taxi driver has licence suspended after falling asleep at the wheel with child and teacher inside

A very serious crash.

A taxi driver has had his licence suspended and been given maximum penalty points after allegedly falling asleep at the wheel while transporting a child and teaching assistant between schools.

North Lincolnshire Council started an investigation into the crash on Ashby Road in Scunthorpe, when the taxi driven by Mohammed Razaul Karim collided into two parked cars.

Both passengers were shaken but physically unharmed.

Following the investigation, the council’s Licensing Sub-Committee agreed that the taxi driver’s licence be suspended with immediate effect, for a period of three months.

Twelve penalty points were also attached to the driver’s taxi licence for five years, as per the council’s Licensing Policy.

The driver, who has since been dismissed by his then employer, must undertake and pass the council’s taxi drivers standard test within the suspension period, otherwise his taxi licence will be revoked automatically.

In addition, if he receives one or more penalty points for any taxi driver offence within the next five years, he will have to appear in front of the sub-committee again.

This could include eating or drinking while transporting passengers, having an unclean taxi, or failing to provide a receipt when requested, for example.

Councillor Richard Hannigan, cabinet member for safer, greener and cleaner places at North Lincolnshire Council said: “The safety of residents and visitors to North Lincolnshire is of paramount importance.

“We will do everything in our power to remove unsafe drivers, taxi drivers or otherwise, from our roads.

“This road traffic collision was very serious.

“Our Licensing Sub-Committee agreed that Mr Karim is not a fit and proper person to drive a taxi and therefore must not do so unless the taxi drivers standard test is passed satisfactorily within three months.

“If he passes the test and commits even a relatively minor offence within five years, he will be brought before the sub-committee for a second time.”