October 1, 2017 11.20 am This story is over 73 months old

Under the hammer: Lincoln Knights charity auction raises £180k

Two thirds of the funds raised at the event went towards the Nomad Trust.

The Lincoln knights were sold for just under £180,000 at a charity auction held at Lincoln Cathedral on Saturday.

Some 36 knights, which guarded Lincoln from May to September as part of the Lincoln Knight’s Trail, were sold at the special event, which was also streamed live on The Lincolnite‘s Facebook page.

The Knight of the Skies, signed by Rosie Ablewhite raised a whopping £15,000 at the auction.

Two thirds of the funds raised at the event went towards the Nomad Trust, part of YMCA Lincolnshire, to create a specialist day facility and new direct access emergency accommodation to support those who find themselves homeless.

The remaining funds were put into an Art and Innovation fund for the city.

Rachael Baxter, from The Nomad Trust said: “The Lincoln Knights’ Trail has been absolutely fantastic. We are honoured to be the nominated charity for the event and we want to say a huge thank you to the organisers, artists and sponsors who have made this event, and the whole Trail, so successful.”

The Nomad Trust will put the funds towards its £1.2 million Capital Appeal project; a new day centre and up to date emergency overnight accommodation for the homeless in Lincoln.

Watch again the whole live auction of the Lincoln Knights:

Live: Lincoln Knights auction at Lincoln Cathedral

Posted by The Lincolnite on Saturday, 30 September 2017

Live: Part 2 of the Lincoln Knights auction

Posted by The Lincolnite on Saturday, 30 September 2017

See the full lot list from the evening:

  • LOT 1: Quintessentially English, designed by David Graham, sponsored by Burton Road Chippy, is sold for £2,800
  • LOT 2: Knight Music, designed by Valerie Osment, sponsored by Lincs FM sells for £2,800
  • LOT 3: Knight & Day, designed by Kieron Reilly & Lynsey Bracknell, sponsored by Bishop Grosseteste University, is sold for £3,200
  • LOT 4: Knight of the Construction Trade, designed by Beth Wright, sponsored by Willmott Dixon Construction Ltd, sells for £2,200
  • LOT 5: Paint, Print, Publish & Play, designed by Joanne Botterill, sponsored by Ruddocks Design and Print Agency, is sold for £2,200
  • LOT 6: Knight Jigsaw, designed by Jon Garside, sponsored by Daniel Charles Construction Ltd, sells for £2,400
  • LOT 7: Never Grow Up, designed by Mel Langton, sponsored by Daisy Made, is sold for £5,400
  • LOT 8: Home Is Where the Heart Is, designed by Rachael Burnett, sponsored by Newton Fallowell, is sold for £4,600
  • LOT 9: Knight of Greyskull, designed by Catherine J Bell, sponsored by Lincoln BIG, sells for £3,600
  • LOT 10: Libertas Per Sapientiam, designed by Rose Bowskill, sponsored by University of Lincoln, is sold for £4,000
  • LOT 11: The Construction Knight, designed by Peter Segasby, Chestnut Homes, sells for £5,000
  • LOT 12: Inspiring a New Generation, designed by Mel Langton, sponsored by Gelders, is sold for £6,200
  • LOT 13: Lincoln Greene, designed by Jane Veveris Callan, sponsored by Lincolnshire Economic Action Partnership, sells for £5,800
  • LOT 14: The Knight Has A Thousand Eyes, designed by Sue Guthrie, sponsored by EBP, sells for £3,000
  • LOT 15: The Knight of Many Colours, designed by Anna Carter, sponsored by Stagecoach East Midlands, is sold for £3,400
  • LOT 16: Inside Out, designed by Erin Fleming, sponsored by Lincs Archiving Solutions Ltd, is sold for £4,800
  • LOT 17: The Golden Knight, designed by Peter Segasby, Lincoln Central Market, is sold for £3,600
  • LOT 18: Show Us What You’ve Got, designed by Mel Langton, Lincolnshire Showground, sells for £6,000
  • LOT 19: Knight Rider, designed by Carolyn Short, sponsored by Denby Transport, is sold for £3,200
  • LOT 20: The Spirit of Lincoln, designed by Mik Richardson, sponsored by Allen Signs, is sold for £4,800
  • LOT 21: Guardian of the Forest, designed by Emma McKinlay, sponsored by Investors in Lincoln, sells for £6,000
  • LOT 22: Lincolnshire Spirit & Loving Embrace, designed by Lizzy Mason, sponsored by St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice, sells for £7,600
  • LOT 23: The Co-Operative Knight, designed by Sian Bristow, sponsored by Lincolnshire Co-operative, is sold for £5,200
  • LOT 24: Sheriff de la Haye, designed by Rachel Olin, sponsored by Pipers Crisps, sells for £4,000
  • LOT 25: Knight of Minster, designed by Lesley Ann Withers, sponsored by Lincoln Cathedral, sells for £6,000
  • LOT 26: The Circle of Lincolnshire Life, designed by Kathleen Smith, sponsored by Branston, is sold for £5,600
  • LOT 27: Knight in the Forest (Gold), designed by Julia Allum, St Marks Shopping Centre, sells for £9,000
  • LOT 28: Proud Knight, designed by Leah Goldberg, sponsored by City of Lincoln Council, is sold for £2,800
  • LOT 29: Knight Time, designed by Mark Chambers, sponsored by Lincoln College Group, sells for £4,200
  • LOT 30: Knight of the Skies designed by Rosie Ablewhite, sponsored by GAME Engineering Ltd, is sold for £15,000
  • LOT 31: Pedal Pride, designed by Erin Fleming, sponsored by Nicholsons Chartered Accountants, sells for £6,000
  • LOT 32: Lincoln Green, designed by Deven Bhurke, sponsored by Your Print Partner, is sold for £9,200
  • LOT 33: Lutrell Psalter, designed by Sue Guthrie, sponsored by Optima Graphic Design Consultants Ltd, sells for £4,200
  • LOT 34: The Battle of Lincoln Knight, designed by Amy Sayer, sponsored by Independent Retailers, sells for £4,400
  • LOT 35: Lincoln City Knight, designed by Leah Goldberg, sponsored by Visit Lincoln, is sold for £6,000
  • LOT 36: Not All Stories Are Black and White, designed by Ruth Pigott sponsored by The Nomad Trust, is sold for £4,600