What makes a Lincolnshire sausage a Lincolnshire sausage?

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People from across the county are preparing to go sausage mad for the upcoming Lincoln Sausage Festival this weekend.

The sizzling festival will run on Saturday, October 14 from 10am to 5pm as over 50 different sausage suppliers gather at Lincoln Castle selling their finest bangers.

But what exactly makes a Lincolnshire sausage a Lincolnshire sausage? The Lincolnite spoke to a butcher who will be attending the festival to find out more.

“We use herbs rather than spices for our Lincolnshire sausages,” said Scott Palmer of Mountain’s Boston Sausage.

“It’s all about the sage that makes the sausage, along with pork, salt and pepper.”

“Lincolnshire sausages are so popular because of the texture of the meat, the sausage isn’t mashed together by spices but instead with good quality meat.”

Back in 2012, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs rejected a bid to allow Lincolnshire sausages to only be produced in the county.

Lincolnshire Sausage Association argued that supermarkets and other brands outside the county are altering the famous sage recipe too much.

“We’re still after protective status over the Lincolnshire sausage, there’s one in Cambridgeshire now,” added Scott.

He also praised the Lincoln Sausage Festival, calling it Mountains’ “main event in the calendar”.

“We’re really looking forward to the festival, it’s the busiest festival of the year that we do and we will be having eight or nine staff at the event.

“It’s great that people travel from the north of the county who can try our products and it’s a very good and busy vibrant atmosphere.”

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