November 6, 2017 1.08 pm This story is over 49 months old

Stamford woman stabbed teen to death to tick murder off her bucket list

She then boasted to a work colleague.

A Lincolnshire-born woman obsessed with serial killers has been convicted of garrotting and stabbing a teenager with Asperger’s to death in Australia.

Jemma Lilley, 26, previously of Stamford, and her bondage-obsessed flatmate Trudi Lenon, 43, murdered 18-year-old Aaron Pajich at their home in Perth in June 2016.

The pair lured Aaron to their house to download computer games before stabbing him to death and burying him under a patio in their backyard.

The trial heard that Lilley had wanted to murder someone before she was 25, to tick it off her “bucket list”.

She had also written a graphic novel about a serial killer called SOS, whose persona she took on in real life.

One passage of the novel reportedly read: “I feel I can’t rest until the blood of a fresh, screaming, bleeding victim is gushing out and pooling on the floor.”

After the murder, Lilley was so “euphoric” about what she had done that she boasted to a work colleague.

The court heard that the pair blamed each other for the death and have since fallen out.

After the verdict, the victim’s emotional mother Sharon Pajich said his murderers were “disgusting animals” who should never be released.

She said: “He was my precious little boy, he was my first-born… he was full of life.

“They (the killers) deserve everything they get for what they’ve done, they’ve taken an innocent boy from his loved ones.”

Speaking to The Times after the conviction, Lilley’s stepmother, Nina Lilley, 48, said: “The book was a big problem with me. At the beginning I was, ‘Fair enough you want to write a horror story’, but I didn’t like the contents of it.

“She had always had an obsession with serial killers but she said it was a way of venting her frustration of what happened when she was a child.”

Lilley and Lenon will be sentenced in February.

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