December 19, 2017 2.32 pm This story is over 45 months old

The Voice of Lincoln: Should drink drivers be named and shamed?

The ‘Think Don’t Drink’ campaign began on Monday.

Earlier this month, Lincolnshire Police announced they would be naming and shaming anyone charged with drink driving in the county this festive period.

The ‘Think Don’t Drink’ campaign started on Monday, December 18 and the first batch of suspects were announced on the same day. 

People on Lincoln High Street had their say on whether or not it is a good idea, and if this should be rolled out 12 months of the year.

Seventy seven-year-old Maureen Clawson believes drink drivers are not being punished enough. She said: “The trouble is nowadays, police don’t do enough to them. They want their license taking off them or locking up for a few months.”

“It will encourage people who might drink drive not to do it,” said student Lewis Brooks, 19.

Andy Timings, 41, echoed Lewis’ view. He said: “I think it’s a really good idea.

“It’s really irresponsible to drink and drive this time of year with Christmas parties.”

However, Graham Wright, who did not want to give his age, opposed the idea of people in the county being named and shamed.

“I don’t think it’s a great idea, but obviously they should be policing drink driving and drugs.”

“There’s more and more deaths and people’s lives are being put at risk,” was the verdict of Sonia Durham, 48.

Her husband, Wayne, 49, added: “People don’t stop drinking just because it’s not Christmas.”

One local resident, who did not wish to be named, took a much different view, saying: “There’s no problem, it’s not in the bible.

“You can drink and drive a much as you like.”

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