‘Chav church’ goers raise money for new Lincoln hospital bed

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A community church in the city has raised money to buy a new bed for Lincoln County Hospital.

Ignite Elim Church, also known as the Lincoln ‘chav church’, has raised £1,250 to buy the new bed after one of its members was unable to have a bed when admitted.

To raise the funds, the community’s youth church, Passion, which is held in the Showroom on Tritton Road did a number of car washes outside the YMCA.

Pastor Darren Edwards

The church also had a table top sale, hosted a charity auction, did a fun run around the Moorland estate and organised bake sales.

Pastor Darren Edwards told The Lincolnite: “A while ago we had some people in our church that were admitted to Lincoln County Hospital, and when we visited them there one of them wasn’t given a bed, and the other had to wait a really long time for a bed.

“Back then we decided that we wanted to do something positive for our city.

“Sometimes it’s really easy just to moan and post a load of stuff on Facebook, but as the NHS was started by Christians we figured it would be good if we tried to help out in a positive way.

“We managed to raise £1,250, which is easy for larger churches, but as
we’re based in an area of deprivation it took us about a year.

“I think I’m right in saying that the NHS offer one of the best healthcare services that the world has seen.

“It’s a real pity that some politicians have vested interests in selling
it off to make money for themselves.”

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