January 11, 2018 10.25 am This story is over 70 months old

Foul-mouthed ‘Tramp Buster’ deletes videos of him preying on vulnerable people in Louth

He has now deleted his videos.

A sweary bully who filmed himself mocking homeless and vulnerable people in Louth has removed his videos from YouTube.

The man, who went by the name of ‘Tramp Buster’, uploaded more than 20 videos of him driving around the town tormenting unsuspecting or powerless victims.

However, with Lincolnshire Police looking into the videos, the ‘Tramp Buster’ has deleted all of the content from his channel, possibly due to fears of being busted himself.

As of 10am on Thursday, January 11, the bully has even changed the name of his YouTube channel to ‘Ha Ha’.

One of the victims the ‘Tramp Buster’ filmed

The videos themselves showed him accusing an elderly man of sex crimes, sneering at a man supposedly eating rubbish out of a bin, and describing a man in a wheelchair as “a Christmas paedophile”.

His videos often included his own foul-mouthed commentary, where he would tell the vulnerable people that they were lunatics and a burden on taxpayers.

Some of the people he bullied were multiple victims of his, and appeared in several videos.

He drove around Louth day and night looking for people to film

In one particularly vile clip, the bully got the attention of a man walking out of a shop in the town.

He said: “Look at the f*****g state of you.

“What you been up to?

When the victim stops to say “alright”, the bully continues, adding: “Look at the f*****g state of that mate.

“F*****g **** stand the f*** back from my car now.

“Right look at the state of you?

“How the f*** do you live like that hey?

“The amount of money you get off the government hey?”

A Lincolnshire Police spokesperson said: “We are looking into it and making some enquiries but we don’t have any complainants who have come forward.”

Anyone with information on the incidents should call police on 101.