April 17, 2018 9.15 am This story is over 69 months old

Thieves take house boat for joyride and wreck it

Young mechanic unable to live in his ransacked house boat.

Two people described as teenagers have taken a man’s house boat from Saxilby for a joyride and wrecked it.

This happened on Monday afternoon, April 16, when the Cockney Rose was stolen from its mooring place in the village and taken for a joyride to Stamp End in Lincoln.

The boat is the home of mechanic Sean Chambers, 23, who now has to find alternative accommodation because the thieves ransacked the interior and stole all the valuable items.

“They have ruined the inside, stolen everything valuable. They either stole or lost my dog and completely trashed my home, as well as breaking engine parts so it doesn’t run now,” Sean wrote in an appeal for information on the You’re Probably from Lincoln group.

Sean told The Lincolnite he was at work when the incident happened and explained he’s unable to live in the boat home until it will be repaired.

Sean’s dog Cheech is also missing from the boat.

Eyewitnesses told Sean they saw two teenagers driving the boat. One was described as blonde, skinny and wearing a T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms.

The incident has been reported to police (473 of April 16). Anyone with information should call 101 quoting the incident number.