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Pregnant woman jailed for glass attack

“It wasn’t me”

A woman convicted of carrying out a glassing attack in a bar causing her victim to lose an eye was today jailed for nine years at Lincoln Crown Court.

Amy Coleman, a mother of two, denied she was the person who glassed Carl Benham in the Marine Boathouse at Skegness.

But a jury at Lincoln Crown Court found her guilty of inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent to Mr Benham as a result of the incident on February 25, 2017.

Coleman, 30, of Mel Marshall Way, Wrangle, who is due to give birth on May 25, pushed the beer glass into Mr Benham’s face with such force that the glass exploded.

She became pregnant while awaiting trial and now faces giving birth while serving her jail sentence.

Mr Benham later had to have his left eye removed. He subsequently lost his job as a seasonal worker and is now unable to drive because of his sight problems.

Carl was left blind in one eye after being glassed at a bar in Skegness

The court was told he continues to suffer headaches and is awaiting a further hospital operation.

Judge John Pini QC, passing sentence, said: “The tragic reality is that Mr Benham has suffered grievously and a substantial custodial sentence is a tragedy for your children.

“I bear in mind particularly the effect this sentence will have on your children and your as yet unborn child.

“There are no winners in this case. Only losers.”

David Eager, in mitigation, said that Coleman was regarded as a good mother to her children and has no previous convictions.

“Any sentence will hit this young woman very, very badly. What she did that night was appalling but it was a single blow, it was out of character and it was an isolated incident. There was no pre-meditation. I ask you to pass as merciful a sentence as you can.”

The attack happened inside the Marine Boat House Bar. Photo: Google Street View

Siward James-Moore, prosecuting, told the jury during the trial that incident happened after Coleman, whom he described as “a very angry woman” confronted Mr Benham.

“She was shouting at him. He accepts that he shouted back at her. At that point a female threw a drink over him.

“He had just started to clean himself up when the same female came towards him. He pushed her causing her to stumble backwards. At this point another female held a pint glass in her hand and threw the glass hitting his face damaging his eyeball. All he was aware of was his mouth filling up with blood.”

Two witnesses told the jury that the glass was thrown by a woman in a black strappy top. The jury heard that on the night Amy Coleman was wearing a black strappy top.

Amy Coleman later told police that she did not assault Mr Benham and did not witness the incident in which he lost his eye.

In evidence Coleman told the jury: “I was being gobby. He was giving me as good back. I was really close to him. The bouncer and Mr Benham’s friend were between us.”

She denied she then glassed Mr Benham and said: “I remember the bouncer was there. I just heard a gasp. The next minute I looked up at Mr Benham and his face was bleeding.

“I genuinely don’t know how he was glassed by anyone. It wasn’t me.”

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