July 10, 2018 10.33 am This story is over 66 months old

Fire spreads through home while family enjoy holiday

Fire crews are highlighting the importance of registering white goods.

A devastated Boston family returned from holiday to find a fridge fire had wrecked their home.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue received a late call to a dwelling in Freiston after a fridge freezer had caught fire and had been smouldering unnoticed for some time.

The fire had burned itself out by the time the family returned home and opened the doors to discover the devastation it had caused.

Fire crews have highlighted the importance of registering white goods following the incident.

Community Fire Safety Manager Lee Marsh said closing all the doors in your home when you leave or go to bed and making sure appliances are registered would go a long way to help keep your family safe.

“This is every family’s worst nightmare and it could have even been worse.

“Nationally, only a third of people register all of their appliances with a manufacturer, leaving many owners untraceable if a product needs to be recalled or repaired.

“Registering your appliances may seem like an onerous task but you are making your home a safer place for you and your family. Household appliances can cause fires when they are not correctly maintained or used.

“It is a good idea to switch them off when they are not being used and don’t leave them on when you are going out or to bed.

“Of course, switching off is not practical when it comes to some items, like fridges and freezers which makes it even more important that they are registered and properly serviced.”