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More officers to tackle Lincoln drug problem

The force has admitted that they are struggling to tackle the issue

Lincolnshire Police admitted to The Lincolnite that they are struggling to keep up with demand caused by drugs and anti-social behaviour in Lincoln, but said they are committing more officers to the city.

There has been a visible rise in the number of people taking drugs on the streets, and some have called on Lincolnshire Police to do more to tackle the issue.

In response, the Police and Crime Commissioner, Marc Jones told The Lincolnite that the force is going to commit more officers to the city centre.

He said: “It is the perfect storm of problems that the police are facing. We have extended the hours of our officers, but we are still struggling to meet demand.

“It might seem logical that we would come along and arrest everybody, but the police cells would just fill up with minor offences and the low level dealers would be quickly replaced.”

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Assistant Chief Constable, Kerrin Wilson, said: “We will be taking action on whoever we believe to be supplying these drugs.

“I recognise that the community and business owners feel that we need to do more and we will do that, but we only have a finite number of officers.”

As reported earlier today, a local teenager has been charged with multiple drugs offences after being arrested on Wednesday.

Watch the video for the full response from Lincolnshire Police.

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