August 31, 2018 1.48 pm This story is over 63 months old

Lincoln’s Gala Bingo to rebrand next week

There’s going to be a real buzz about the place

Gala bingo in Lincoln will be reopened as Buzz Bingo by a 97-year-old local player.

It’s part of a national overhaul of the national Bingo chain.

There will be a real buzz about the place when it opens for the first time as Buzz Bingo on Tuesday, September 4 at Waterside Shopping Centre.

Goodbye Gala, hello Buzz

Through launch week, there will be free bingo, buzz lollipops and goody bags.

An official launch party on Saturday, September 8 will see players enjoy free drinks and a £500 mega prize draw.

The site will be reopening on Tuesday, September 3. Photo: Connor Creaghan for The Lincolnite.

Local player Jay Hall has been selected to cut the ribbon and officially reopen the club for the first time.

The 97-year-old is a regular member of the club and will join the team to celebrate the relaunch.

Buzz Bingo takes over from 124 of Gala Bingo’s sites, which serve over one million customers.

Simon Shaw, for Buzz Bingo, said: “When we asked our customers and colleagues to name a single word to describe their bing experience, the word ‘buzz’ came up time and time again.

“We pride ourselves on our community spirit and our friendly and supportive team is buzzing about being part of your next fun day or night out with friends and family.”

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