How the Baby Shark song could save a life in Lincolnshire

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Baby Shark is not just a catch yet annoying viral song; it is also now also a useful tool for carrying out CPR.

Lincoln South firefighter Kenny McLaughlin has made a video to show the rate CPR should be done on a baby, child and adult to the tune of Baby Shark.

Kenny, 54, who has been in the Lincolnshire fire service since 2003, told The Lincolnite: “The inspiration for this was I am passionate about teaching first aid and in the past to get people to do CPR at the correct rate I use the song Stayin Alive, or Nellie the Elephant.

“I think with this, shall I say annoying, song it’s possibly going to reach more people helping them to remember the skills but in a humorous way.”

So go on Baby Shark do do do do it! It could save someone’s life!