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Lincoln filmmakers crowdfund for movie

They are asking for £12,000 to fund the project

A group of filmmakers from Lincoln are asking people to donate towards their new movie project.

The Guiding Light is a surreal short filmed, based on the life of a world champion dancer who is forced to retire after discovering her autoimmune disease.

Shortly after her retirement, protagonist Barbara contracts pneumonia and becomes critically ill.

Minutes from death, she is visited by her younger sister and the pair embark on a journey through Barbara’s happiest memories before she is forced to face her own mortality.

The inspiration for The Guiding Light comes from a difficult period in the director’s life, where he lost two aunts.

(L-R) Adam Luff and Tom Brumpton

Director Tom Brumpton said: “The film is a reflection on both of my aunt’s lives and their relationship with my mum.

“It’s about looking back on the things you achieved with a sense of pride and completion, and the role the people closest to us play in the value of those memories.”

Director Tom Brumpton, writer Adam Luff and composer Alexander Norman are all from Lincoln and will be working on the project.

The group have set up a fundraising page, asking punters to raise £12,000 to bring the project to the big screen.

Depending on how close the team get to their goal, they say that they will try their best to make the film, but if it is not possible then all donations will be refunded.

The trio have even teased a premiere at a “highly respected venue” when it is completed in 2019.

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