September 20, 2018 11.42 am This story is over 62 months old

Lincoln’s got a new club, and it’s ‘f*cked up’

Bill & Keith’s is a “jazz club” without jazz music

A new “jazz club” has opened in the former Circle night club, but it isn’t going to be playing any jazz music.

Bill & Keith’s F*cked Up Jazz Club made headlines recently after it “raised the roof” so much the roof fell off.

Staff at the club have been busy over the summer renovating the former Circle night club on Silver Street and giving it a new name.

Managers agreed that the venue needed a new lease of life and decided to name it after biker bars in the US.

The club team are still adding to their collection of decorations, but already have a bath tub, cowboy pony and a Disney themed-clock.

A new kitchen has been installed on site, where punters can grab halloumi fries, pizza slices, chips and more.

On Bill and Keith’s Facebook page, it welcomes revellers to “enjoy problems,” “be the worst [they] can be” and warns that “no perfect people” are allowed.

As part of the renovations, there have been 18 jobs created for bar and back of house staff.

Watch the full video for a first look of Bill & Keith’s F*cked Up Jazz Club.

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