September 17, 2018 10.04 am This story is over 68 months old

Public consultation for extended Lincoln resident parking zones

14 new zones proposed

The City of Lincoln Council will consult residents over plans to significantly expand resident parking zones.

As previously reported, the city council’s executive committee is set to approve plans for new and expanded Residents Parking Scheme zones which see households pay £26 a year for their first permit and £52 for a second.

If over 50% of respondents to the consultation are in favour of the changes, the city council will work with the county council implement the scheme.

Residents parking schemes are place in 19 zones across Lincoln in areas where opportunities for residents to park outside their properties are limited.

Lincolnshire County Council would need to carry out a more detailed consultation with a range of potentially affected parties before a scheme can be put into place.

The city council would then operate the scheme with the county council’s contractor patrolling the areas and carrying out enforcement.

The proposal will be put before the council’s Executive on Monday, September 24, which will recommend the rollout of consultations on schemes in three phases.

The first two phases would focus on the uphill areas of the city, with the third phase aimed at the lower High Street and Sincil Bank areas.

The proposed first two phases of the scheme.

The roads to be included as new or existing zones in the first two phases are:

  • Union Road
  • Burton Road
  • Chestnut Street
  • Church Lane (north side only)
  • Newport
  • Northgate (north side only)
  • James Street
  • Bailgate

Where the third phase of the scheme could cover if it gets the go-ahead.

The roads proposed to be included in the third phase are:

  • Archer Street
  • Charles Street
  • Chaplin Street
  • Chelmsford Street
  • Cross Street
  • Hermit Street
  • Kesteven Street
  • King Street
  • Lewis Street
  • Monson Street
  • Palmer Street
  • Portland Street
  • Ripon Street
  • Sincil Bank
  • St Andrews Place
  • St Andrews Street
  • Stanley Place
  • Tentercroft Street
  • Trollope Street
  • Walnut Place
  • Foster Street
  • Princess Street
  • Vernon Street
  • Mill Lane
  • Sibthorpe Street
  • Prior Street
  • Abbot Street
  • Nelthorpe Street
  • Pennell Street
  • Sincil Bank
  • Cross Street
  • Thesiger Street
  • Kirkby Street
  • Hood Street
  • Scorer Street
  • Henry Street
  • Sausthorpe Street
  • Martin Street
  • Grace Street
  • St Andrews Street
  • St Andrews Close
  • Kingsway
  • Linton Street
  • Norris Street
  • Arthur Street
  • Hope Street
  • Sewells Walk
  • Smith Street
  • Queen Street
  • Knight Place
  • Shakespeare Street
  • Gibbeson Street
  • Spencer Street
  • Little Bargate Street
  • Urban Street
  • Ewart Street
  • Francis Street
  • Ellison Street
  • Victoria Street
  • Maple Street
  • Elder Street
  • Poplar Street
  • Beech Street
  • Boultham Avenue
  • Peel Street
  • Cranwell Street
  • Robey Street
  • St Botolphs Crescent
  • Henley Street
  • Tealby Street
  • Bargate
  • Sidney Street
  • Craven Street
  • Webb Street14
  • Coulson Road
  • Waterloo Street

Portfolio Holder for Economic Growth, Councillor Neil Murray, said: “Residents’ Parking Schemes have many benefits, including improved parking opportunities for residents, a decrease in traffic congestion in the area and a reduction in noise from vehicles.

“Where the council has adopted Resident’s Parking Schemes before they have been well-received, and the majority of these newly proposed schemes would adjoin existing parking scheme areas.

“If this proposal is given approval by the council’s Executive, we will be consulting with residents and finding out if they would support such a scheme on their road.

“If more than 50 per cent of respondents to the consultation are in favour of the changes, we will then work with Lincolnshire County Council to bring a scheme to those areas.”