October 5, 2018 3.05 pm This story is over 65 months old

Cardboard cop stolen and needs recovered to stop speedsters

Local residents are concerned with the speed of the traffic

A cardboard policeman, who helps slow the traffic in a Lincolnshire village, was stolen from a resident’s garden on Thursday night.

With a primary school in the village of Middle Rasen and a very narrow single footpath along the streets, local people are concerned with the speed of the traffic using the small road.

A local resident purchased the cardboard policeman for £60 after a vehicle mounted the pavement where his wife was standing it to get past another lorry.

The local resident, who wished to remain anonymous, told Lincolnshire Reporter it was only when the other lorry drover shouted ‘there is a lady on the pavement’ that the lorry stopped.

A number of pedestrians have had near misses with lorries and cars and Richard said: “The police are very active with speed cameras, but they cannot be there all the time to slow the traffic down so I purchased a cardboard policeman to help slow the traffic and it was very effective.

“I have only put the policeman out three times, mounted in my front garden. I received a call yesterday (Thursday) at 6pm saying a white car had stopped and grabbed the policeman and put him in the boot of his car. I did not report this to the police at the time.

“Our local PCSO called this morning and said a car driver, who saw the policeman being taken, had reported to the police what he had seen and given them the car registration number. The police have taken statements from those who saw the theft.”

The local resident posted on social media on Friday to confirm police are on the hunt for the stolen item, adding: “The thief who stole the cardboard policeman from my front garden has been caught by police.

“A kind motorist reported his number plate to police as soon as he stole it. Just waiting for court case now, crime does not pay.”