October 29, 2018 3.00 pm This story is over 37 months old

Controversial £2.2m Toll Bar roundabout plans get renewed backing

Local residents turned out in protest

Controversial £2.2 million plans to rip up Toll Bar roundabout near Grimsby and replace it with traffic lights have been driven through by senior councillors again.

It comes despite more than 10,000 signatures being handed in through a number of petitions, to North East Lincolnshire Council.

But officers at the authority have said that other options for the junction would not meet the authorities time-frame or budget.

Councillors on the authority’s Cabinet were adamant consultation had taken place and argued that children’s safety was number one priority when they met on October 29.

Council leader Ray Oxby said: “We need to make sure our decision is evidence based and I believe we have ticked the box on all elements.”

The Toll Bar roundabout. Photo: Google Street View

Residents turned out to the meeting waving plackards reading “hands off our roundabout” and “polution and speed increases with traffic lights.”

When it was originally announced in February 2017, the decision met with tough opposition from both residents and councillors on the other side of the council, with campaigners gathering more than 8,000 signatures recentlyand a previous one garnering 3,000 names.

It has since been delayed multiple times with the latest occurring back in March.

Other options considered were:

  • Construction of a footbridge or underpass on the northern arm of the roundabout with no other improvements to the roundabout (Option 1).
  • Upgrading the A16 north and south junction arms to three lane entry alongside construction of a footbridge or underpass on the northern arm (Option 2)
  • Significant enlargement of the roundabout and adoption of three lane entry on all junction arms, part-time peak-hour signalisation, construction of footbridge or underpass and part-time, signalised pedestrian crossings on the three remaining junction arms (Option 3)
  • A fourth option incorporating all of the improvements proposed in Option 3 but with full time signalisation of the roundabout and pedestrian crossings. (Option 4).

Last week, Conservative Councillor Philip Jackson called on the decision to be further delayed in order for the latest petition to be debated.

Philip Jackson, leader of the NEL Conservatives and opposition on the council.

And during the cabinet debate fellow Tory Councillor Stephen Harness, whose ward covers New Waltham, said he felt the report failed to take into account a number of items.

“The report does not mention local business or gridlock,” he said.

“The implementation of the signalisation scheme will have serious outcomes for business in New Waltham and the surrounding area.

“Not to even make mention of local business is a shameful derogation of duty.”

He pointed to accident statistics and studies and said he felt they did “not justify the conclusions made about safety”.

However, councillors voted in line with officer recommendations that the original plans go ahead.

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