October 18, 2018 12.12 pm This story is over 65 months old

Lincoln drivers in lane merging standoff

Some have said that they won’t let “fancy cars” merge into the left lane

An article on The Lincolnite yesterday questioning drivers’ refusal to use dual lanes appears to have done little to persuade some merging deniers.

A video posted by Tim Alderman has been viewed over seven thousand times and sparked another driver debate about queueing in the city centre – some of which could easily be halved.

Alongside the video, he asked: “Why oh why can’t people understand the rule of the road and us both lanes then merge in turn at the end?”

Why oh why can't people understand the rule of the road & use both lanes then merge in turn at the end…? Every morning from St Rumbolds St Junction up to the tidal flow merge it's like this which creates more tailbacks through the area.

Posted by Tim Alderman on Wednesday, 17 October 2018

People have been clashing online over the issue online, with some coming up with some ideas to solve the problem.

One driver, Tom Alfredson, said that he wouldn’t give way to drivers of expensive cars who use the right hand lane.

He asked: “When other drivers hurtle past a queue of patient drivers and expect everyone else to give way just be cause their fancy car costs more, why give way to them?”

Diagram: Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership

Some said that his mentality about driving was causing the problem, but Tom wasn’t alone in his opinion.

Acky Atkinson wrote: “I don’t agree with you. I never let anyone merge in. Why should other people get ahead of you when you’ve been waiting in the left lane?”

“Because no one lets you back in!” said Elizabeth Fish. “I have no issue holding back to allow merging but other people seem to think that it’s cheating.”

But Thomas Bolton said that he didn’t mind other drivers queuing. “It saves me loads of time when I just sail down and join at the end.

“Yes, you often have to push but if they hit your rear side panel as you correctly merge then they are at fault. Trust me, I had it happen.”

“Lincoln is shocking to drive in,” wrote Thelma Buchanan. “I get some awful hand gestures when I use both lanes properly and it’s a level to get in because some drivers have no manners.”

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