October 1, 2018 1.05 pm This story is over 35 months old

Retro arcade barbershop opens in Lincoln village

Customers can play classic video games while they wait

A new retro-themed barbershop where customers can play games while they wait has opened in Bracebridge Heath today.

Luke’s Barbershop promises to offer a different experience with 1980s movie memorabilia and video games for customers to enjoy for free.

It is the second barbershop to be opened by Luke Daniels after he opened his first shop in Cliff Village, Navenby over five years ago.

The new branch has already recruited two new staff but they are continuing to look for suitable applicants.

The barbers are waiting to cut your hair. Photo: Scott Murray.

Owner, Luke Daniels, has spent £25,000 refurbishing an old gift shop on 18 Grantham Road to give the shop a retro movies and games vibe.

Duke Walton, a well-liked barber from Luke’s Barbershop in Navenby, will be released to manage the new barbers.

Old movie seats give the shop a retro look. Photo: Scott Murray.

Luke Daniels, owner of Luke’s Barbershop, said: “I am delighted to be able to promote Duke and welcome him to the management side of the business.

“Duke had worked hard and brought his own style and flare to the barbers in Navenby. I wish him well and know he will make a success of our new venture.”

Gents haircuts are £12 and under 16s’ haircuts are £10.

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