October 24, 2018 4.10 pm This story is over 37 months old

The Lincolnite learns how to make the UK’s favourite burger

Our reporter was Mclovin’ it!

Love it or hate it, the Big Mac is one of the best selling burgers ever and many wonder how it’s made.

Fast food restaurants are growing in popularity across the country and McDonald’s is leading the way.

Many of the restaurants in Lincoln are open all day serving hundreds of customers, so the staff can get very busy.

If you were to order a Big Mac, it is expected to be made incredibly fast – in just 34 seconds to be precise.

Our reporter Emily White had a go at making one at the Moorland Way restaurant off Tritton Road and it took her about three minutes to get it fully assembled.

She also got to ask some burning questions about McDonald’s while she was behind the counter.

“Rumour has it there’s a secret menu, is it true?” asked Emily.

Louise Potter is the crew trainer who was showing us around and told us that there wasn’t a secret menu.

“Customers can customise their own burgers on the kiosks and at the till as well.

“We can take out pickles and add something else to the burger, they’re free to do that. But there’s no secret menu. No.”

But they would say that wouldn’t they. If it was a secret, they can’t go around telling everyone.

Watch our full video to see how it’s made and for a behind the counter look at McDonald’s.

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