November 14, 2018 5.13 pm This story is over 64 months old

Donkey tribute repaired after ‘disgusting’ vandalism

“I was sick to death when I heard”

An artist has repaired a tribute to the much-loved owner of a donkey rides company after it was targeted by vandals.

The Dudley donkey statue has stood proud in Cleethorpes for the past five years before vandals smashed his ear and eye.

It was created in honour of the late Gladys Nuttall and visited by lots of people when they go to the sea side town.

Lyn Pratt posted a picture of the damaged donkey online and said: “[I am] disgusted today. I took my great granddaughter to see Dudley donkey.

“Thugs today just want to spoil Cleethorpes. I hope poor Dudley gets repaired. It’s a standing tribute doing no harm.”

The damage created by vandals.

John Nuttall, son of Gladys and owner of Donkey Tack UK, was shocked to hear that the tribute had been damaged.

He told Lincolnshire Reporter: “I was sick to death when I heard. I just didn’t know why anyone would do something like that.

“I got in touch with the artist who created it in the first place and asked how much it would be to get it repaired, but she kindly offered to do it for free.”

The statue was originally created five years ago by Donnas Peterson, who wanted to make Dudley and honour Gladys’ memory.

She visited the donkey site and took pictures of the real Dudley before sculpting the statue.

When Donnas heard that her memorial had been vandalised, she wanted to repair it without charge.

John added: “Donnas has repaired Dudley and it looks as good as new. I am over the moon that it has been all put back together.”