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Lincoln furries tell all about ‘misunderstood’ culture

What it’s like to be a furry in Lincoln

When people hear the term ‘furry’, they instantly have one of two reactions. Either they’ll repeat the word back to you in utter bemusement or they’ll giggle like a naughty school child as they say ‘but aren’t they just the guys who have sex in animal costumes?’

Whatever you think you know about furries, think again. For years, the furry community has been a relatively unknown scene, with members preferring to keep it that way because they often feel misunderstood.

In simple terms, furries are people who have an interest in animals that are given human characteristics like walking and talking. Members may adopt a personalised animal persona or ‘fursona’ and wear specially designed ‘fursuits,’ that acts as an extension of their personality. Other members tend to cosplay as their favourite anthropomorphic characters from TV shows like Sonic the Hedgehog and Bugs Bunny.

After years of scandalised media coverage, the furry fandom has developed a bit of a reputation for being, well, all about sex. The Lincolnite spoke to Bladewolf, Zhinrak the dragon and Erytho, three furries from Lincoln, to find out what the fandom is really all about.

Bladewolf, like many furries, says he developed an interest in the fandom through watching cartoons like Bugs Bunny and Wile E Cayote.

“Being a furry for me is escapism. It’s the freedom of being who we are. When I suit up, it’s like I’m a different person,” said Bladewolf.

The trio say that furry meets are a way hang out with friends and like minded people.

“We get coffee, we go to the pub. Then we get in our fursuits and walk about. We even do treasure hunts,” said Zhinrak.

“We’re fully aware it’s a weird thing. But it’s just something I do. At the weekends, I dress like a big furry animal,” said Erthyo.

“It’s hard to make sense of it. But I think things have been exaggerated about the furry community that haven’t been cleared up. Furries aren’t very good at talking without wearing a big furry mask.”

Watch the full video above to find out more about what life is like as a furry living in Lincoln.

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