January 25, 2019 2.49 pm This story is over 57 months old

Lincoln entrepreneurs introduce first hemp infused gin

It is believed to be a UK first

Two Lincoln entrepreneurs have launched what they believe is the UK’s first ever hemp infused Gin.

HIN, which was co-founded by Mat Graham, 33, and Chris Puttick, 25, was launched online on Thursday (January 24) with 25 orders already placed.

The gin, which is distilled in Louth, is sold from their home in Lincoln. They are already looking at potential business premises, including one on Sadler Road, although it won’t be ready until the end of the year.

A bottle of HIN.

It has an initial citrus taste with the hemp adding an earthy flavour. In the hemp growing process, normally leaves are cut off and discarded, but they want to use them as a bi-product to infuse the flavour in their gin.

The bespoke recipe has been carefully crafted to unlock the many hidden earthy aromas found in hemp. Classic gin flavours are fused together with what they describe as an “exciting and never seen before hemp botany.”

It is sold via the website and Facebook page for £40 for a 70cl bottle.

HIN Gin co-founders Chris Puttick and Mat Graham. Photo: Joseph Verney for The Lincolnite

Mat told The Lincolnite there are currently four hemp gin businesses in the world and he is delighted to be part of the UK’s first.

He said: “We have wanted to do something for a while, but we wanted to do something different to the norm. This is definitely different and unique.

“We were looking at doing a joint venture over a couple of gins and we thought how can we make this better.

“It is exciting as this is where we live and where everything happens for us. We are hoping to add more products in the future, as it becomes more popular the range will extend.”

The duo are awaiting an AWRS licence which should arrive in the near future to enable them to also sell business to business.

Mat and Chris are already in talks with local businesses including the Whisky Shop in the Bailgate, Curiosity Shop, Tap House and Majestic Wine.

Other business ventures

This is their first business venture together, but Mat and Chris also have ones of their own.

Mat owns a mobile wood burning pizza business called So Kneady, as well as a property development company.

Chris owns an ag-tech consultancy business, also in Lincoln, called Kapag.

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