January 9, 2019 2.36 pm This story is over 58 months old

Out of control dog sees girl thrown from pony

Fortunately nobody was badly hurt

A girl at a Lincolnshire riding school was thrown from a pony spooked by an out of control dog at Cleethorpes beach.

It is illegal for dogs to be dangerously out of control, but this animal was off the lead away from its owner before it attacked a group of young riders.

Fortunately, neither the girl or the horse were badly hurt during the incident.

Sophie Brown of Cottagers Plot Equestrian Centre told the BBC: “The boxer dog took a b-line for the smaller pony with the young girl on and starts jumping up on the pony’s neck. That then caused the pony to spin and the rider landed on the beach.

“The dog then chased a loose horse around. A staff member caught the dog and handed it back to a gentleman who didn’t seem particularly bothered.”

Signs at the beach state that dogs are banned from good Friday to September 30, with owners advised to clean up after their dogs at other times or risk a maximum fine of £1,000.

A sign for dog owners at the beach. Photo: BBC

There are also strict rules about when dogs and horses can access these areas. From April to September dogs are banned on beaches along the coast from Bridlington to Skegness.

Horses are also restricted during these months in East Lindsey, with restrictions on both animals lifted from October to March.

North East Lincolnshire Council said reports like this are rare, but it is taking it as an opportunity to remind dog owners to be responsible.