February 6, 2019 11.36 am This story is over 57 months old

Former Crawshaws butcher to open own shop

Is it a sign of things to come for high street shopping?

A former Crawshaws butcher with over 22 years of experience will open his own independent shop in Gainsborough.

The Meat Storr will be opened on Saturday, February 16 by the owners Michael Storr and Natalie Powell.

It will serve up a fresh meat selection, ready to cook meals, a range of hot sandwiches, exotic meats and hot take away meals.

Michael has built up a loyal customer base and has a wealth of knowledge about the industry.

He worked at the Crawshaws shop in the town before the collapse of the national chain in November.

“We are excited to start our new business in Gainsborough,” said Michael ahead of the opening. “We are opening in the newly refurbished shop unit which looks absolutely beautiful.

“We have received so much encouragement to open our own shop and we can’t wait to open the doors.

“Our aim is to use locally sourced, quality products at competitive prices to suit all budgets.”

Alisdair Gillespie, Natalie Powell, Michael Storr and Councillor Sheila Bibb.

The Meat Storr is opening on Market Street as part of a joint regeneration project between Dransfield Properties and West Lindsey District Council.

Councillor Sheila Bibb, chairperson of the prosperous communities committee, said: “This is a wonderful story of how a store closure in the town centre has led to a new start up business.

“I wish them all the very best. It is great to see another new businesses opening in the town and playing a vital role in helping with the towns regeneration programme.”

Alisdair Gillespie, Dransfield Properties, said: “We are delighted to welcome Michael and Natalie to their new premises on Market Street and we hope everyone agrees that they will make a great addition to the retail line up in the town.”