February 28, 2019 9.43 am This story is over 31 months old

Lincoln city centre gift shop to close

There may be some freebies available to take away

An award winning independent gift shop in the Steep Hill area of Lincoln will close this weekend.

Bird’s Yard Lincoln located at 61 Steep Hill supports local designers and highly coveted products from around the world, including trinkets, gifts, jewellery and homeware.

The company said “unfortunately things haven’t quite worked out in Lincoln”. The store will close its doors for the last time on Saturday, March 2 when there may be some freebies available.

A post on Bird Yard’s Lincoln Facebook page said: “Unfortunately things haven’t quite worked out in Lincoln and Saturday will be our last day.

“Please come down for last minute bargains and maybe even freebies . There may also be free furniture bits, fridge and crockery you might want for yourselves or want to take for a charity.

“Thank you to everybody that has supported the shop . The Sheffield one will remain open and is going strong. You can follow on social media and shop on the website and I can bring any large items back to lincoln with me if needed.”

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