March 28, 2019 12.15 pm This story is over 56 months old

Caught on camera: Lorry reverses up slip road

People were left gobsmacked by the driving

An HGV driver was caught trying to reverse across the onslip junction on the A1077 forcing oncoming traffic to swerve dangerously out of their path.

Humberside Police Roads Policing Section caught the incident on camera at Barton interchange on March 26. The lorry then began to reverse in Lane 1 of the A15 towards oncoming vehicles.

The force said: “this manner of driving will be dealt with”.

The video was uploaded onto Twitter and has been retweeted over 60 times.

It prompted comments from over 30 people including some saying the driving was unbelievable and shocking.

Nick Southern said: “Passed this lunatic yesterday morning (March 26) but then again a lot of HGV drivers are not professional (ie indicate then just pull out without a care of who’s in the lane next to them. This happens several times (every day on A180), only a matter of time before yet another fatality.”

Emma Farman said: “I only just missed hitting him. And a ‘professional’ driver too. Should be banned.”

Another user under the handle @jartiger said: “I’ve been a professional driver for 35 years and I can honestly say I’ve never met another one who would attempt a crazy move like that. Sadly all the excellent pro drivers get trained by idiots like that. A year ban and a retest would be appropriate here in my honest opinion.”