April 16, 2019 11.35 am This story is over 55 months old

Famous Lincoln street named fourth steepest in the country

When you’re struggling for breath while climbing, it might make you feel better to know this

Whether you storm up take it steady or cling to the railing for dear life, every Lincolnite knows just how hard it is to climb Steep Hill – but now the whole country knows the pain.

Lincoln’s most famous street has been named as the fourth most steep in the country by the Ordnance Survey.

With a 16.12º gradient, Lincoln was only topped by Blake Street in Sheffield at 16.6º, then Old Wyche Road in Worcestshire at 17.54º and Vale Street in Bristol at an impressive 21.81º.

Steep Hill was built by the Romans to connect the uphill area with the downhill area when Lincoln was known as Lindum Colonia.

Golden Steep Hill by Marc Freeman.

Today it is a popular tourist attraction lined with independent shops cafés and a few great photo opportunities.

It was even named as the best street in Great Britain by the Academy of Urbanism in 2012.

Experts at the Ordnance Survey found the steepest point of the street, then cut it into five metre chunks and calculated the average slope.

Here’s the top five list:

  • Vale Street, Bristol – 21.81º
  • Old Wyche Road, Worcestshire – 17.54º
  • Blake Street, Sheffield – 16.6º
  • Steep Hill, Lincoln – 16.12º
  • Gold Hill, Dorset – 16.09º