June 5, 2019 10.14 am This story is over 53 months old

Teleflora blossoms with $59.5m Interflora purchase

Teleflora purchased Interflora for $59.5 million

The world’s largest floral services provider, Teleflora, has acquired Sleaford-based Interflora UK in a $59.5 million deal.

The acquisition of the world’s largest flower delivery network expands Teleflora’s international reach. Teleflora currently has nearly 10,000 partner florists in North America alone.

Interflora’s headquarters is based at Interflora House at Water Gate in Sleaford. Interflora said there are no changes at Interflora HQ, which employees around 250 staff.

Interflora’s history stretches back to 1923 and it now delivers to 137 countries across the globe, which is made possible by the expertise of its 1,200 local florists in the UK and Ireland.

President of Teleflora Jeff Bennett said: “We’ve been very impressed by the strength of Interflora’s brand in the UK, their management team, and their network of high-quality florists.

“We have complementary businesses, as Interflora prioritizes their retail florists, and we’ve long held a strategy of putting our retail florists first.”

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