July 15, 2019 2.24 pm This story is over 52 months old

Lincolnshire Wolds water supply gets the ‘all clear’

Safe to drink tap water again

Anglian Water said people in the Lincolnshire Wolds don’t need to boil their tap water before consuming it after cleanliness worries over the weekend.

Dr Clair Dunn Head of Water Quality at Anglian Water said: “We asked residents to boil their water as a precaution, after one water sample taken from our own sampling tap indicated the presence of bacteria that we wouldn’t normally expect and needed to investigate further.

“All samples in the network feeding customer taps have remained clear throughout, but because of this one unusual sample we took the precautionary decision to ask these customers to boil their water temporarily while we undertook further tests.

“The risk was minimal, but we made the decision because customer safety is our priority.

“Our latest sample results have remained clear, so we’re pleased to say that boiling water is no longer necessary.”