July 8, 2019 5.18 pm This story is over 51 months old

Youths wreak havoc: Crime, intimidation and defecation

Officers received seven reports over just two days

A string of crimes, including harassing a teenage girl, thefts and criminal damage has been linked to a traveller camp.

As previously reported, residents and local councillors were furious with the mess left on Mill Road in Market Deeping.

Now Lincolnshire Police have released details of seven incidents reported to them over just two days in the town – almost all involving “four youths”.

A Land Rover has been left in quite a state. Photo: Peter Hiller

On July 6, the force received second hand report of a teenage girl being followed by a car full of men believed to be in their late 20s.

They allegedly harassed her and asked if she would kiss them. The victim has not yet come forward after the incident on Godsey Lane around 8.30pm.

On the same date the police also received a report that a group of four youths had taken a phone from a staff member at a local school.

Piles of rubbish. Photo: Peter Hiller

The day before, four youths entered a Co-op store and grabbed a staff member by the arm before taking items and leaving the store without paying at around 2.10pm.

Not much later four youths and a man entered the Factory store and made off with shoes and other items.

At around 2.20pm four youths entered the Bull pub and defecated on the bathroom floor.

On Godsey Lane at around 4.15pm a schoolboy was reportedly chased by a group of youths.

Crops have been ruined. Photo: Peter Hiller

Just over half an hour later a man in a white van filled his vehicle with fuel and left false details. He made off without paying.

Three people have been arrested in connection with the above offences, but the police are still investigating.

Inspector Ian Martin, for the Market Deeping area, said: “There have been a number of incidents reported to us in the Market Deeping area. We continue to investigate these reports.

“We would encourage anyone who has any information in relation to these incidents or anyone who may have been a victim or witnessed these incidents to call us on 101.”