October 31, 2019 3.48 pm This story is over 52 months old

Quirky or ghastly? Council rejects shipping container Airbnb

It may not look like much from the outside but step inside…

A shipping container listed on Airbnb has been slammed by councillors as “appalling and ghastly.”

John Price had converted the container in Sleaford but failed to apply for planning permission until after it was complete.

He had already converted one of the two sides into a pod with shower, toilet, seating, double bed, and solar panels.

The retrospective permission for the site behind the Eat Drink Sleep B&B was rejected by North Kesteven District Council on October 29.

One letter of objection had been sent to the council by one of the neighbours, who raised concerns about the conservation area and “low-quality living space.”

Some of the councillors were less than impressed and labelled the Airbnb as “appaling, ghastly, horrible, truly hideous, an abomination and awful.”

Have a look inside.

The owner John Price commented on the council’s Facebook post and said: “I feel it would have been correct procedure to notify me before publishing online.

“I am now left with the options of appealing or removing. As everyone’s comments have been encouraging I will be appealing.”

Many of the comments had been quite positive, with some claiming that the councillors “need to get out more.”

Will Pitman said: “It looks fine and perfectly well thought out. It is out of sight and sustainably powered.

“This is a nicer sight than the caravan and half of the rest of the surroundings in the area as well.

“Saying it is harmful to the area is a joke as well. Good on the owners for doing something for the visitors here.”

Ryan Blankley added: “I’m sorry but utter rubbish, can’t believe that the council would stand in the way of much needed, and well thought out accommodation.

“The fact they’re recycled shipping containers is even better! I hope this can be re-presented to the council and they reconsider their decision.”