December 17, 2019 11.38 am This story is over 52 months old

Deliveroo to launch in Scunthorpe next year

Coming soon!

Deliveroo will launch its food delivery service in Scunthorpe early next year.

The award-winning delivery service was founded in 2013 by William Shu and Greg Orlowski and employs around 60,000 riders.

Deliveroo, which aims to deliver food to customers in as little as 20 minutes, will arrive in Scunthorpe in January. It will create new jobs in the form of local drivers and riders in the area.

Harrison Foster, Deliveroo’s UK Regional Director, said: “We’ve seen a huge demand for Deliveroo in Scunthorpe and we’re excited to be launching next month. We’re really excited to be creating new work opportunities for local people.

“The team is looking for people with passion, drive and great customer service, who are seeking the added benefit of flexible hours amongst other perks. We would encourage anyone looking for a fast paced and active job to apply through our website.”

When the service launched in Lincoln in September 2016, Deliveroo said at the time “Lincoln has been our most successful launch within the last year”.

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