January 23, 2020 1.11 pm This story is over 53 months old

Lincoln Handmade Burger Co closed as chain collapses

Over 280 jobs have been lost nationally

The Lincoln Handmade Burger Co restaurant has closed its doors suddenly after owners The Burger Chain Limited collapsed into administration for a second time.

All 18 restaurants were shut on Thursday, including in Lincoln, resulting in 283 job losses nationally.

The Lincoln restaurant located on the Brayford Wharf opened in July 2011 in place of Tootsies, but “considerable efforts” to secure a sale of the company’s business have failed.

David Griffiths, Conrad Beighton and Paul Masters of Leonard Curtis Business Rescue & Recovery were appointed Joint Administrators of The Burger Chain Limited on Thursday, January 23.

The administrators will work with staff to provide them with the necessary assistance to claim money that remains owed to them.

A notice was put on the window informing customers of the closure. Inside, chairs remained stacked on tables and the lights were out on Thursday, January 23

Joint Administrator David Griffiths said: “The casual dining market in the UK has experienced significant challenges over the last four years, largely as a result of overcapacity in the sector, which has resulted in a significant number of insolvencies.

“Sales at Handmade Burger Co. restaurants have almost halved during this period, which has proved to be unsustainable. It is disappointing that circumstances have meant that a sale of the business has not been possible in this case, but our focus now should be on those employees affected by this difficult news.

“We will work hard to provide them with all necessary assistance to claim for monies which remain due to them.”

The Administration is being undertaken by the Birmingham office of Leonard Curtis Business Rescue & Recovery. Leonard Curtis Business Rescue & Recovery is part of the Leonard Curtis Business Solutions Group (LCBSG).

This is the second time the brand has fallen into administration, after nine restaurants were closed in 2017 before a buyer was found allowing them to continue trading.

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