April 1, 2020 5.58 pm This story is over 17 months old

“It’s awful. COVID-19 is horrendous,” says tearful Lincoln mother in hospital

“My main advice is for people to not go out,” Sharon concluded

A Lincoln mother and NHS worker posted a breathless tearful video from hospital, urging people to look after themselves and other and avoid catching and spreading coronavirus.

Sharon Cook has been at Lincoln County Hospital since March 23, positive with COVID-19 and now has sepsis pneumonia, which is why she is struggling to talk in the video.

“I’m a bit breathless, but I’ve got oxygen so I’m good.” She said it’s important to stay at home and that it’s not worth it going out, even if you miss your friends.

“I’m in my own room, just struggling to breathe, but apart from that, I feel so much better now.

“I had a temperature and felt so ill for over two weeks.

“If someone would’ve given me an injection to put me down, I would’ve taken it. It was awful. COVID-19 is horrendous.

“It’s awful because I can’t move or do anything because I can’t breathe. But at least I don’t feel like I did.”

She then broke down in tears as she said she is missing her home, family and friends. “I feel sorry for my son,” she added.

“My main advice is for people to not go out,” Sharon concluded.

Earlier on Wednesday a 31-year-old Lincoln man also posted an appeal for people to stay at home and avoid his complications due to coronavirus. Read his story here.

Gareth is warning others to take symptoms and government guidance seriously.

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