May 13, 2020 11.25 am This story is over 42 months old

Mesmerising footage shows lockdown Lincoln by drone

Jaw-dropping scenery of our wonderful city

Lincoln’s quarantine scenery has been beautifully recorded for posterity in a drone flight over the deserted city.

We’ve been in lockdown for seven weeks now, and the Lincoln community is still observing the guidelines to this day.

Adam Gerrard has created this video showing the city’s famous landmarks from above.

The video (which was later removed by the user from YouTube) was shot on a drone flying around the heart of Lincoln, and gave us all the chance to see our city without leaving our homes.

Looking at such places as the cathedral, the castle and Lincoln City’s LNER Stadium, the usually busy city centre is a ghost town.

Aside from the occasional train or isolated car on the road, the peace and tranquility of the city is stunning to behold.

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