May 8, 2020 4.49 pm This story is over 19 months old

Your pictures: VE Day celebrations in Lincolnshire

The best pictures you sent us to mark the occasion

Lockdown didn’t stop Lincoln and Lincolnshire celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

Here are the best pictures readers sent us to mark the occasion.

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8th May 2020 9:43am

Horncastle ‘balloon guy’ Craig Cash has put an RAF balloon tribute on his drive

8th May 2020 9:57am

Westgate Academy in Lincoln have made a mural for fallen war heroes

8th May 2020 10:35am

Fly-by in Eagle with Colin Campbell and his children

8th May 2020 10:36am

Elaine Stones’s house decorations in Wragby

8th May 2020 10:38am

By Merry Kerry in North Hykeham

8th May 2020 10:40am

Balloons by Naomi Aleisha in Lincoln

8th May 2020 10:41am

Amy Gilbert’s son ready for a fly-by in Newton on Trent

8th May 2020 10:42am

Kelly Yarwood’s dog Walter ready for the big day

8th May 2020 10:43am

Kelly Melladay painted her porch in Lincoln

8th May 2020 10:44am

Birch Close in Branston is all decked out. Photo by Pauline King Battenbough

8th May 2020 10:45am

Jaz and Sara ‘s place in Waddington

8th May 2020 10:46am

Liz Machin and her kids getting ready in Bracebridge Heath

8th May 2020 10:47am

Mandy Templeman is ready to celebrate too

8th May 2020 10:48am

Vicky Bayliss from Eastgate in Bassingham, normally sailing on a Bank Holiday but flying the flag for VE Day instead

8th May 2020 10:49am

Kerry Louise’s boys decorated their fence on Birchwood Avenue in Lincoln

8th May 2020 10:50am

Look to the right of Sarah Webster’s home in Saxilby! It’s Derek the scarecrow, ready for VE Day, in prime position on top of the hedge.

8th May 2020 10:56am

8th May 2020 10:59am

In Witham St Hughs, lots of us have decorated their homes, including Kayleigh Cavill

8th May 2020 11:12am
This house in Witham St Hughs was decorated by Lennon (9) and Brooke (3) with help from dad Lee Weaving and mummy Jemma Wheeler

8th May 2020 11:24am

The Red Arrows did a quick fly-by over Lincoln but we only managed to capture the smoke! Send in your pictures too.

8th May 2020 11:44am

Gemma Arnold and Cait Nortrop decorated their windows in Lincoln 

8th May 2020 11:47am

A better view of the Red Arrows flypast from St Cuthbert’s Court in Lincoln 

8th May 2020 11:59am

Rob Patterson from Boultham Park has this view of the Red Arrows display

8th May 2020 12:01pm

Bunting and flags decorations on Palmer Road in Lincoln by Samantha Parkin

8th May 2020 12:07pm

Adorable Teddy Revill (19 months old) celebrating VE Day from North Hykeham 

8th May 2020 1:11pm

Flags and landlord Greg Algar outside the Dambusters pub in Scampton and a home decorated on Burton Road, Lincoln. Photos by MediaLincs

8th May 2020 1:16pm

Cute alert! Ben McLoughlin’s Guinea Pigs in Minting enjoying their VE Day Picnic

8th May 2020 1:22pm

Shaun Tyrrell’s homemade bunting in Bracebridge Heath

8th May 2020 1:23pm

Sarah Barlow’s home decorations

8th May 2020 1:29pm

Two minutes silence at Lincolnshire Police HQ

8th May 2020 1:36pm

Becca and Theresa Workman and Paul Clark enjoying a VE Day picnic, including (cute alert!) Becca’s dog Rolo the good boy.

8th May 2020 1:55pm

Emily Shorten, a 22 year old artist in Birchwood, painted this big spitfire to make her flag extra special for VE Day

8th May 2020 2:41pm

Carl Ewington with his Jaguar and nephew Kaiden at Western Crescent in Lincoln

8th May 2020 2:44pm

Jemma Albon and her three boys took five hours drawing, painting, cutting and making this display — worth every minute!

8th May 2020 2:47pm

The Queen waved at Rachel Pordham on Burton Road

8th May 2020 2:48pm

Amanda Buckby’s family war photos for passers by to see

8th May 2020 2:50pm

Paul Everington is all dressed up

8th May 2020 2:59pm

Photographer Felicity Jones captured Ivy Megan Blythe, Sleaford — Photo 49 of Ivy’s isolation imaginarium!

8th May 2020 3:01pm

Grace getting into the VE Day spirit with bulldog Walter in South Hykeham

8th May 2020 3:03pm

South Parade in Saxilby. Photo by Vicky Wilkinson

8th May 2020 3:06pm

Partridge Green in Witham St Hughs. Photo: Sally Vaughan

8th May 2020 3:08pm

Kelly and the Bell family ready to celebrate with their neighbours in Witham St Hughs

8th May 2020 3:11pm

From Debbie Semper: “My neighbour joined the forces when he was 16-years-old. He was very disappointed today because he was going to be in the parade, so his wife asked the neighbours in our close in Washingborough to join them at 10.45am to hear his stories and to have the 2 minute silence with him. It was such a lovely thing to see.”

8th May 2020 3:15pm

Donna Haytree’s husband John was in the Royal Signals and his father served in the war

8th May 2020 3:16pm

Sarah Grant visited Horncastle ‘balloon guy’ Craig Cash’s house

8th May 2020 3:18pm

Ashleigh Walker and her daughters in Westwick Gardens, Lincoln

8th May 2020 3:20pm

Hazel May Michael on the Ermine West playing ‘The last post’ after the two minutes silence this morning. He then played 1940s music and Lindy Hopping.

8th May 2020 3:20pm

Harry on Glebe Park, Lincoln with mother Steph Saunders

8th May 2020 3:21pm

Jules Julianne’s picnic in the front yard in North Hykeham

8th May 2020 3:22pm

Tracey Woodward and co in Thorpe on The Hill ‘having a fab day’

8th May 2020 3:37pm

Lincoln boy Lewis Page, 8, made a cardboard tank for VE Day with his dad, who he is staying with in Wolverhampton during lockdown. His mum Grace, who is a key worker at Lincoln County Hospital, is proud of his creative effort.

8th May 2020 4:43pm

The Walker family in Branston are enjoying the sunshine on this VE Day

8th May 2020 4:44pm

Steve Patten in Saxilby has baked a cake for the occasion

8th May 2020 4:46pm

In North Scarle, Amy Fenoulhet has designed a homemade VE Day 75 flag

8th May 2020 4:51pm

Laura Waplington’s dog Arlo paying his respects

8th May 2020 4:53pm

Nine-month old Ennis can’t resist a snack today. He’s the same age as his grandfather was on the very first VE Day 75 years ago.

8th May 2020 5:00pm

Some great road art sent in by Niall Hill

8th May 2020 5:01pm

Annabel Pestell with her parents in Washingborough. “Both parents served in the Royal Navy so very proud to raise these flags and signs”

8th May 2020 5:04pm

Chezza Hall in North Hykeham with some classic bunting and her two dogs Winnie and Tuna

8th May 2020 5:05pm

The neighbours on Troon Close in Washingborough

8th May 2020 5:05pm

Denton, 8, from North Hykeham has made a tissue paper collage of the Union Jack

8th May 2020 5:07pm

Karen Linnecor using her initiative to make some pretty unique bunting in North Hykeham!