July 1, 2020 3.50 pm This story is over 47 months old

Council leaders ask for common sense on the coast ahead of pubs reopening

Not all shops and businesses are opening just yet

Two Lincolnshire council leaders say “common sense” and “reasonable adjustments” are needed when visiting the coast, especially with many pubs and restaurants reopening this weekend.

Thousands of people flocked to Bournemouth beach last week and during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, Boris Johnson said the scenes in the coastal town were “completely unacceptable”.

There are some fears that people could flock to the Lincolnshire coast this weekend, including from Leicester which was recently put back into a stricter lockdown. However, Lincolnshire Police will have more officers on duty to ensure a “sensible and safe” July 4 return.

Councillor Martin Hill and Craig Leyland, who are the respective leaders at Lincolnshire County Council and East Lindsey District Council, have issued a joint statement saying “we are a long way away from returning to normal”.

The statement said: “Whilst we are slowly opening up our east coast to visitors, we have to stress that we are a long way away from returning to normal.

“Not all shops and businesses are opening just yet and we are asking people to use common sense and make reasonable adjustments when they visit.

“With pubs and restaurants opening this weekend, we understand people will want to celebrate the easing of restrictions but we are urging people to drink responsibly, respect social distancing and keep safe.

“It is also the time of year when traditionally we have welcomed many guests from the Leicester area and it is with great sadness that we know for the time being that they are in a COVID-19 localised lockdown.

Lincolnshire Police were sharing photos of the coast being “quiet” on May 16. Photo: Lincolnshire Police

“We want to reassure our residents that we are doing all we can to keep everyone safe and in line with the government guidance. Residents from Leicester and the suburbs have been told to stay at home where possible and only undertake essential travel to, from and within Leicester.

“Those who had planned a visit to the coast are being advised to talk with the respective caravan site or hotel in order to rebook their visit.

“We are also asking pub licensees, hotel and caravan site owners to be vigilant but also to be flexible in rebooking alternative dates for those from the Leicester lockdown.”