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Lockdown Week 21: 466 Lincolnshire COVID-19 deaths, 3,572 local cases, 318,484 in the UK, 41,366 deaths

The latest COVID-19 updates for Lincolnshire and the UK

Follow the latest coronavirus lockdown updates from Lincoln and Lincolnshire.

3,572 coronavirus cases in Greater Lincolnshire (up from 3,555)

  • 2,603 in Lincolnshire (up from 2,590)
  • 742 in North Lincolnshire (no change)
  • 227 in North East Lincolnshire (up from 223)

439 COVID-19 deaths in Greater Lincolnshire healthcare (no change)

  • 143 at United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust (no change)
  • 4 at Lincolnshire Community Health Service hospitals (no change)
  • 1 at Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust (no change)
  • 118 in Northern Lincolnshire (NLAG) (no change)
  • 114 in Lincolnshire care homes (no change)
  • 52 in North Lincolnshire care homes (no change)
  • 7 in North East Lincolnshire care homes (no change)

466 COVID-19 deaths from Greater Lincolnshire postcodes (no change)

  • 323 from Lincolnshire (no change)
  • 107 from North Lincolnshire (no change)
  • 36 from North East Lincolnshire (no change)

Please note: Since the urgent review into how COVID-19 deaths are counted local figures have been removed from the government dashboard.

318,484 cases, 41,366 deaths in total

DATA SOURCE — FIGURES CORRECT AT THE TIME OF the latest update. postcode data includes deaths not in healthcare facilities or in hospitals outside authority boundaries.

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10th August 2020 10:12am

14 new COVID-19 cases over the weekend in Lincolnshire

There have been 14 new cases of coronavirus confirmed in Greater Lincolnshire over the weekend, but no new deaths.

Daily figures released by the government showed the number of cases increased from 3,515 to 3,529 – with 12 in Lincolnshire and two further in North East Lincolnshire, but none in North Lincolnshire.

However, there were no COVID-19 related deaths in or outside hospitals. In fact, hospitals have seen no coronavirus deaths for 11 days.

The latest figures mean there have been 56 cases across the Greater Lincolnshire region so far in August.

The latest breakdown for cases is now:

  • 2,570 in Lincolnshire (up from 2,558)
  • 739 in North Lincolnshire (no change)
  • 220 in North East Lincolnshire (up from 218)

Nationally, cases rose to 310,825 while deaths increased to 46,574.

10th August 2020 4:36pm

Five new COVID-19 cases in Lincolnshire on Monday

There have been five new cases of coronavirus confirmed in Lincolnshire on Monday, but no new deaths.

Daily figures released by the government showed the number of cases increased from 3,529 to 3,534 – with all five new cases confirmed in Lincolnshire.

No further cases were confirmed in either North East Lincolnshire or North Lincolnshire.

Today’s figures also showed there were no COVID-19 related deaths in or outside hospitals.

This means Lincolnshire hospitals have seen no coronavirus deaths for 12 days.

There have been 61 cases across the Greater Lincolnshire region so far in August.

Nationally, cases rose by 816 to 311,641 while deaths increased by eight to 46,574.

11th August 2020 11:07am

Third of Newark factory COVID-19 cases from Lincolnshire

Health bosses estimate that a third of workers at a Newark factory coronavirus outbreak actually live in Lincolnshire.

Bakkavor confirmed an outbreak last week at its dessert factory in Newark, and is currently testing all 1,600 employees as well as agency staff.

It comes as health bosses in the area look to tackle rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in the Newark and Sherwood district.

Deputy director of public health for Lincolnshire County Council Tony McGinty said: “They’ve found I think just under 50 cases associated with that factory as of late yesterday, and we’ve identified that possibly as many as a third of those actually live in Lincolnshire and work in that factory in Newark.

“So that gives you a bit of a feel for the effect that outbreak is having on numbers for Lincolnshire.”

Mr McGinty said Nottinghamshire Public Health teams were leading on contacting and tracing for those being confirmed or being put into self-isolation, however Lincolnshire had offered to help if needed.

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11th August 2020 11:09am

Lincolnshire ‘losing advantage’ in COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus numbers in Lincolnshire are beginning to creep back up as lockdown rules have relaxed, but they’re still way below the national average, health bosses in Lincolnshire have said.

Lincolnshire has so far confirmed 2,575 cases and 323 deaths according to government figures.

Although deaths have been slow to rise — none for 12 days so far in county hospitals — cases have increased by more than 34 in the last seven days.

Deputy director of public health at Lincolnshire County Council Tony McGinty said: “For the last few weeks our numbers have crept back up again.

“So we had that kind of going down, going down, going down, pretty flat, low level numbers, but that has now started to push back up again ever so slightly.

“We’re not pushing up any more than anywhere else in the country, excluding those places which have obviously got serious problems, but we’re looking about average in how our numbers are changing.”

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11th August 2020 1:29pm

Cafe owner breached lockdown “to hold birthday party”

A business owner who faces losing his licence after police found people eating and drinking on his premises at the height of coronavirus lockdown has told councillors he was “holding a children’s birthday party” for friends.

Jorge Carmezim, the designated premises supervisor at Rafael’s Coffee Shop on Westlode Street in Spalding, appeared before South Holland District Council’s licensing committee on Tuesday.

Lincolnshire Police received a report that Rafael’s had 20 customers inside eating, drinking and playing music on Saturday, June 20.

An officer’s body worn camera footage showed “numerous” customers “sat at the bar drinking out of bottles” and outside the back with “plates with remnants of food on and bottles on the tables in front of them”.

Asked about the evening, Mr Carmezim said: “I know I got it wrong, I was supposed to be closed but some friend asked me if I could make a small birthday party inside the premises and I knew I was doing wrong, but I just left people going in for the birthday party in there.”

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12th August 2020 11:34am

Second Lincolnshire business loses licence for lockdown breach

A Spalding coffee shop owner has become the second person in the county to have his premises licence revoked after holding a “birthday party” at his premises during lockdown.

Jorge Carmezim, the designated premises supervisor at Rafael’s Coffee Shop on Westlode Street in Spalding, appeared before South Holland District Council’s licensing committee on Tuesday.

Police told the committee they had visited the premises following an anonymous call and found 20 “numerous customers” eating and drinking inside.

Mr Carmezim said he had not opened for financial gain and had been hosting a child’s birthday party, but admitted he was wrong to do so.

However, after watching body cam footage and hearing the evidence councillors remained unconvinced and following the meeting decided to revoke his licence.

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12th August 2020 4:47pm

Eight new COVID-19 cases in Lincolnshire, one death

There have been eight new cases of coronavirus confirmed in Lincolnshire on Wednesday and one death.

Daily figures released by the government showed the number of cases increased from 3,534 to 3,542 – with seven new cases confirmed in Lincolnshire and one more in North Lincolnshire.

No further cases were confirmed in North East Lincolnshire.

The government’s dashboard did not update yesterday (Tuesday) due to “technical issues” so the figures cover both Tuesday and Wednesday.

The current breakdown is:

  • 2,582 in Lincolnshire (up from 2,575)
  • 740 in North Lincolnshire (up from 739)
  • 220 in North East Lincolnshire (no change)

Today’s NHS figures also showed there had now been no COVID-19 related deaths reported in hospitals for 14 days.

However, government figures for coronavirus deaths increased by one. These figures include deaths outside of hospitals or in hospitals outside the region.

The breakdown of the 466 deaths reported by government is:

  • 323 from Lincolnshire (no change)
  • 107 from North Lincolnshire (up from 106)
  • 36 from North East Lincolnshire (no change)

There have been 69 cases across the Greater Lincolnshire region so far in August.

Nationally, cases rose to 313,798 while deaths increased to 46,706.

14th August 2020 10:57am

22 COVID-19 cases in Lincolnshire from Newark factory

A COVID-19 outbreak in a Newark factory has resulted in 22 people in Lincolnshire so far testing positive for the virus.

The latest figures from Bakkavor, Nottinghamshire County Council and Public Health England have seen more than 50 of the 1,600 employees come back positive according to Lincolnshire’s health bosses.

Of those, 19 are workers who live in the county and commute, and three further family members have been infected.

Lincolnshire County Council’s director of public health Professor Derek Ward said: “I’m comfortable and confident that the factory and Public Health England are managing it appropriately. I do expect we’ll see some more positives over the coming week or two.”

“We will continue to see outbreaks around the around the edges of the county such as here [Nottinghamshire] and Northamptonshire – another neighbouring county.

“We might also see outbreaks within the county and I’ll be a lot more directly involved with leading that response along with Public Health.”

The national COVID-19 dashboard was not updated yesterday with a statement saying the government “have not received the latest data for cases and tests in England”.

Death figures were also due to be updated to include local revised numbers, however, the page was removed from the dashboard to be “re-developed”.

The current total for Lincolnshire is 2,582 cases, 148 hospital deaths and 323 government reported deaths of people from the region (including those which were recorded outside of the county’s hospitals).

Mr Ward confirmed that 6,120 tests were carried out in the seven days to August 11 with 26 confirmed positives.

14th August 2020 12:06pm

Face mask fines hiked to £3,200 as lockdown eased

People who don’t wear face masks in compulsory areas will face bigger fines, as lockdown measures are eased further.

The penalty of £100 for refusing to wear face covering where it is required, with a range of medical exemptions, will now be doubled for repeat offences, up to a maximum of £3,200.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the announcement ahead of further lockdown easing from this weekend.

Bowling alleys, soft play centres and indoor performance venues will be allowed to return as of Saturday, August 15.

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14th August 2020 12:07pm

Lincoln City plan for fan seating lottery

Lincoln City could use a “lottery system” to allocate seats for season ticket holders in a bid to control crowd numbers under coronavirus restrictions.

The team this morning announced a second “renewal window” for season ticket holders from Monday, August 17 at 2pm.

The 2020/21 season is due to start on September 12, 2020, and football bosses are still waiting to find out whether crowds will be allowed back in stadiums.

However, a statement on the club website said: “In partnership with our ticketing partner, Ticketmaster Sport, we are currently in the final design stages of the ballot process. More details will be released in due course.

“However, it is our intention to implement a lottery system to provide the fairest method of allocating season ticket holders into the available seats.

“These ballots will be held on a match-by-match basis.”

In order to ensure fairness, priority in each successive ballot would be given to those who fail to win the previous ones – especially while the stadium operated under a reduced capacity.

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14th August 2020 1:50pm

Council leader ‘ashamed’ to be Conservative over ‘shambolic exam results’

A Tory council leader in Lincolnshire has said he is “ashamed” to be Conservative and accused of the government of “stiffing thousands of students”.

It follows criticism of the government’s handling of A-Level results, which saw 36% of pupils – around 280,000 – getting a lower exam grade than teachers had predicted.

Tory Peer, Local Government Association chairman and South Holland District Council leader Lord Gary Porter said it was “one of those rare days where I have to say I am ashamed to be a Conservative”.

“We have had months to sort out this A level stuff and today is a cluster…” he said, leaving the sentence unfinished.

“There are going to be hundreds if not thousands of students who get stiffed by the shambolic process.”

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14th August 2020 4:34pm

Tipi bar’s return hopes to take Lincoln by storm

A popular viking tipi bar is coming back bigger than ever to Lincoln’s Cornhill Quarter over the festive period.

Thor’s Tipi Bar, which sees two linked canvas tipis decorated with lighting and decked out with wooden tables and benches and a real fire pit has applied to the City of Lincoln Council for a fourth year.

However, this time it hopes to include extra seating on the site of the former kiosk next to the Speakers’ Corner tree.

Documents before the council outline the owners’ work with Lincoln BIG and others to organise the event, which they hope to run for 55 days from November 7 to December 31.

“As we look to hold our experience during the winter months, our temporary structure will brighten up what will be a dark area at that time and add to the already planned Christmas decoration of the area,” said the documents.

“It will support the need to build activity early in the evening and boost the regeneration of the city, particularly in the wake of the pandemic when coming together, socially distanced, is even more important than ever.”

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14th August 2020 4:57pm

40 COVID-19 cases in Lincolnshire this week

There have been 40 confirmed coronavirus cases, and one death in Greater Lincolnshire this week.

The latest government figures published for Friday show eight new COVID-19 positive cases in Lincolnshire, three in North East Lincolnshire and two in North Lincolnshire. Some of them are related to the Newark factory outbreak.

The data has not been updated since Wednesday evening.

Although there was one extra recorded death of a North Lincolnshire resident earlier this week, government stopped updating their tally on Thursday.

It follows an urgent review into how fatalities are recorded.

Previously, people in England who died at any point following a positive test, regardless of cause, were counted in the figures. But there will now be a cut-off of 28 days.

The review saw more than 5,000 deaths revised down from being COVID-related nationally this week.

However, the review has not yet been reflected in local figures and deaths do not currently appear on the government’s dashboard because the “page is being re–developed”.

Health bosses expect the figure, if it does decrease, to land between the current confirmed 266 hospital deaths, which are provided separately by the NHS, and the government’s previous figure of 466.

Hospital deaths, however, have not seen any increase in NHS figures for 16 days.

The total number of cases in Greater Lincolnshire is 3,555 and break down as follows:

  • 2,590 in Lincolnshire (up from 2,582)
  • 742 in North Lincolnshire (up from 740)
  • 223 in North East Lincolnshire (up from 220)

It means there have been 82 cases in the region so far in August.

Nationally there have now been 316,367 cases and, following the review earlier this week, the country’s death tally is 41,358.